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Co-pilot perma auto repeating

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I seem to have a bug in DCS where to co-pilot seems to perma auto-repeat every function.


For instance when using the flexible sight and slew the cross it keep going like the game Pong from the 70's.

When using the fire button it continuusly fires.


It stops when switching back to the main pilot and use that distinct auto-repeating function.


Am i the only one having this problem or is it truly bugged?



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I've investigated my problem a little bit further today.


I unplugged any extra hardware that could cause trouble like joystick, TIR, Nostromo and USB headset.


Started up a test mission. First i start testing around in the main pilot seat and works normally.

Then i start using the co-pilot and only press all buttons once.


Sometimes when spamming the same button the auto-repeating stop as seen around 2 minutes into the track. Also look at how the miniguns don't pan around while being in the co-pilot seat using the flex.


The logs don't show anything close related to my problem. Plus, when a piece of code is functioning as it's written it shouldn't give any errors. Regardless of what it eventually does.


My OS is pretty tidy and fresh. There's also not much else on this machine that could cause any trouble. Pretty much nothing else.

My last resort is redownloading and installing just the Huey package and even again, just did a fresh full DCS install last week, a full DCS install with walking through all the settings again.


So please Mr. developer can u or someone else from the official testers team at least make a noise if i should dig into this way deeper or invest my time in having fun with friends and family?

Auto repeating.trk

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