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F-16 refuelled combat radius


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Is it me or is the F-16 terribly short legged, AI bugged?


From what I have read on the F-16 it should be good for about 300 odd miles on a Hi-Lo-Hi profile + Warload (no tanks). With 2 external tanks the F-16's I am placing as strike and AAR escorts are getting circa 130 miles then flame out, despite having a sensible 320 to 420kt airspeed range, advanced waypoint actions telling them to RTB on Bingo or they get their poop together and head off to a tanker, one will tank and stay on the boom until it finally flames out (cause?) whilst it's wingman fell out the sky minutes previous. My guess is the AI aircrew are being FAR too AB hungry to reach the assigned waypoint airspeed (see above).


Other aircraft, the F/A-18, Tornado, F-15 seems to be pretty well done, the AI are still nuts for AB mind... But hey, you pay peanuts and you get AI monkeys :D


If I am doing something wrong or I am incorrect with my facts please feel free to flame me :)

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You're right, the AI is not managing their fuel properly ... using afterburner when not needed, not (successfully) refueling or returning to base when low on fuel ... Seen plenty of AI run out of fuel and crash ... This really should be fixed.

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The fuel consumption rate on AI seems indeed too high. Perhaps up to specs, but as said above there's no management. A much lower fuel consumption rate might balance it out allot more.


A function for 'unlimited fuel' just like 'immortal' on a individual unit or group would be great to get more out of player vs AI with for instance FC3 aircraft. I bet it would make tons of mission trickery obsolete too.

The MIST 'respawnGroup' function together with an individual 'unlimited fuel' option would provide a much better playground for both single and mutli-player.

The functionality already exists, although it only exists as a forced option for players/clients. Perhaps it's possible to set it manually with a do script, but for now i haven't found the magic word.


The RTB on 'BINGO Fuel' function seems to kick in far too late too. In my DCS not a single fixed wing fighter unit in orbit or combat will make it to even the closest airfield for a landing on BINGO. They all eject and crash without fuel.

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