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DCS A-10C aerial refuelling


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As it was the only thing mentioned in changelog for this release for A-10C module I've tested how is KC-135 behaving now.


And here goes a total dissapointment:(

It doesn't look as fixed. It looks as totally broken.


In previous version an issue was about the amount of fuel that tanker would give to player (who hosts the mission) before calling "transfer complete".


Now any attempt to refuel ends instantly with first touch of refuelling boom. Tanker will after that immediately disconnect the boom, call "disconnect" and "transfer complete" and you can give up ro try again and end in the same scenario.


Issue is confirmed by few guys who also noticed it when trying to refuel. It happens in different missions in multiplater and also in singleplayer.


Anyone else can confirm that tankers are unusable?



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Yes, tankers are completely broken atm. Sometimes one has to wondor how something like this happens. I mean it shouldn't take more than 5min to test something like this. I don't think I've ever been connected for more than 4min before my tanks were full.

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Wags recently mentioned in another thread (I haven't seen it, I've only heard about it this morning) that the fix was implemented internally but didn't make it into this latest patch release.


The end of our tanker woes is near, gentlement... be patient.


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