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HungaroJET's AwesomeVapourMod

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Hi guys,


I just remembered being thrilled about a possible mod some time ago, and now I remembered, so I just wanted to ask whether there was any update to this.


I call it AVM, short for AwesomeVapourMod by HungaroJET.

Here he posted some pictures.



Will this be released sometime maybe? Are you still working on this, HungaroJET? Because I would love to see it. Any info is welcome. :)




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no idea

i want to know too

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I´m waiting also not only for this mod but for a lot more that are still WIP.


Maybe one day we will see it.

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Now that you mention it...

I have to admit that ED's wingtip vapour looks good, so it is certainly a step into the right direction, but judging from HJ's pictures (of course we don't know how the mod looks in motion) that one also looks good.


The fuselage vapour would be the super awesome part, though. It looks sooo great.

And if ED does it I will be as happy as if it comes via mod. I don't care. I just want the vapour. :)

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me too

he is always working on many mods

who knows which will come next :dunno: maybe that AVM

su-27 looks cool as well




Hmm, those wingtip vortices look awfuly similar to the ones ED implemented. Maybe they borrowed HungaroJETs mod?


If so, hopefuly they will release his fuselage vapor mod too.


EDIT: weren't those screenshots posted before 1.2.6?

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