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R-863 radio

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Radios are still in development (wip)

Yes, I know that, I'm just wondering what parts are already working ;). The R-863 works just fine if you're using manual frequency dialing. The ARK-UD and the doppler navigation system are partially working, despite there being no official documentation.

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The manual posted today by PilotMi8 here encouraged me to experiment a bit with the scripts and you can configure the presets, by adding

presets = {}
presets[1] = 130000000.0
presets[2] = 124000000.0

to the <DCS World>\Mods\aircrafts\Mi-8MTV2\Cockpit\Scripts\Devices_specs\Radio\R_863.lua file. You should be able to use up to 20 presets and the value is in Hz. I added my lines before the

GUI.channels = presets

line. Then in the game you flip the КОМАНД РС ЗУ-НУ switch in front of the R-863 dialer to switch between "dialer mode" (НУ) and "preset mode" (ЗУ). The big red knob on the overhead panel, to the right of the de-icing panel, lets you set the channel and there's no "tune" button as in the R-828.

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Yes it works. I Don't have line "GUI-channels = presets", not did I add it. I just put:


presets = {}

presets[1] = 120000000.0

presets[2] = 121000000.0

presets[3] = 122000000.0

presets[4] = 123000000.0

presets[5] = 124000000.0

presets[6] = 125000000.0

presets[7] = 126000000.0

presets[8] = 127000000.0

presets[19] = 128000000.0

presets[10] = 129000000.0

presets[11] = 130000000.0

presets[12] = 131000000.0

presets[13] = 132000000.0

presets[14] = 133000000.0

presets[15] = 134000000.0

presets[16] = 135000000.0

presets[17] = 136000000.0

presets[18] = 137000000.0

presets[19] = 138000000.0

presets[20] = 127500000.0


to the very end of the R_863.lua file.

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The Mi-8 works with TARS only with the three preset radio channels on TARS control panel.

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