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Five Displays?


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I am very happy now with my triple displays working from an nVidia GTX 590 graphics card - but I would like more!


Specifically I am wondering is it possible to incorporate two Cougar MFD's with 2 7 inch TFT displays to actively model the two MFCDs of the A-10C Warthog?


If so, can someone explain how to go about it? I use a Track iR 5 at present, but would like to model the MFCDs in the same way that the Thrustmaster HOTAS models the thrust lever panel.


I have several virtual beers on offer to share with the best reply! :drink:

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Alpine Systems PC with Intel i7-2600K @ 3.40/3.70 GHz. NVidia GTX590 Graphics. 24 Gb RAM (24 Gb usable!). 64 bit. Windows 7 PRO SP1. 3 x Samsung P2370 monitors. Thrustmaster HOTAS. TrackIR5. :joystick:

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