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SAM Radar bug or 1.12 nice enhancement?

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I was just about to post a BUG report about what seemed to be a Radar glitch similar to the TEWS/RWR phantom signal.


I had been out doing Su-25T SEAD missions and was hitting some BUK sites.

A few times I'd see a radar site "pop-up again" after I thought I has killed the search radar.


So I went back and looked at the situation more carefully:


Inbound to the attack point - 2 search radars picked up by Fantasmagoria



Just after SAM launch warning - 3 radars now picked up by Fantasmagoria !!



It took a while but I finally figured out that in 1.12 you'll see the BUK Launchers own Tracking radar showing up on Fantasmagoria after a launch.


Very nice touch ED!! ^5

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Guest IguanaKing

Cool!!! Fire Dome will probably show on my RHAW now. :icon_supe


Edit: DOH!! I guess it always did show up on my RHAW, now that I think about it.

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..and (notably) they do specifically mention that it can engage Mavericks/Walleyes, and track artillery or mortar shells, unless I read it wrong!


Actually, they make it (the Buk) sound like the be-all and end-all of missile systems!


Interesting, thanks.

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Actually the US Army is already deploying anti-arty defense. If you can track and intercept an ARM, you can track and intercept an arty shell ... which is no different than a TBM in flight path, only in size.


Reminder: SAM = Speed Bump :D

I used to play flight sims like you, but then I took a slammer to the knee - Yoda

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