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Wolf Pack Campaign - South Atlantic #1


Event details

This event began 02/19/23 and repeats every week on Sunday forever

Campaign Start: Feb 19th - Time zone 9pm EDT

Discord invite: https://discord.gg/wolfpack1

Discord Event reminder here: https://discord.gg/UXnxPyJT?event=1070829948702572604

Map Required: South Atlantic - Falklands

Mod required: 

SRS (Simple Radio Standalone) 


High Digit SAMs v1.4.2 https://github.com/Auranis/HighDigitSAMs/releases/download/v1.4.2/HighDigitSAMs_v1_4_2.zip

Sign up Sheet: TBA (potentially limited airframes if you do not sign up in advance)


This is a weekly campaign for the US time zone Sunday Nights. Hosted by [WP] Subsonic. This is his third campaign covering a new map and time period. He is covering all the modern Airframes and technologies. This campaign will be a Player Vs. AI event. Progress on the campaign will be saved each week. [WP] Subsonic will simulate reconnaissance and intel gathering events. Each week players will discuss strategies and influence the mission planning for the week ahead. Feel free to join in the discussions.

You will not be required to show up for every weekly event. Last minute arrivals to the briefing will be allowed, but a wingman will have to catch you up in a private channel or after mission start. There will be a maximum ping allowed on the server.  The mission is password protected, you'll need to make the briefing to get the password.

**Please have the mods installed and working before you join the briefing. If you need help with SRS or High Digit SAMs install, please ask for help in one of your chat channels ahead of time. If your mods are not installed and working before the briefing we may not be able to help you until next mission.**


Campaign Background Story

The South American countries of Argentina and Chile have been struggling for years. Food shortages combined with a struggling economy have put the two countries in vulnerable positions. In a last ditch attempt to avoid civil war, governmental collapse or a coup d'état, the two countries have been working together with Russia and China to restore faith in the government and ensure its stability. Over the last two years Russian oil and Chinese goods have flowed through Argentine and Chilean ports and establishing a large market presence in in South America, bypassing western sanctions. The moving of goods has created a strong local economy and have created a great sense of nationalism. Despite western sanctions, the four countries have continued to prosper through their partnerships. 

In a move to create a more uncontested sphere of influence in the region, the Chinese and Russian governments have offered, "Any support necessary" to secure the Falkland Islands to exclude western influence and presence in the region. While an official statement from either the Argentine nor Chilean government has been made, recent satellite and local imagery has shown deployment of Russian and Chinese made anti-air missile sites. Separate from ground assets, recent intelligence shows that multinational air exercises have begun, along with the arrival of Chinese and Russian attack aircraft and strategic bombers are somewhat indicative of the union's position.

In preparation for a potential conflict, NATO forces have been heading towards the Falklands to reinforce. In its current stance, Mount Pleasant has come to be fully combat capable and a full American naval task force is moving in from the north-east to provide mobile air presence and marine invasion capabilities. If conflict is sought then we can expect that a russo/chinese naval presence is on its way as well, but given that currently there is no aggressive moves, its unknown if that fleet is coming

What is known for now is that a mix of commercial and military shipments are constantly flowing into the southern ports.


**More intel will be released in the coming days


See you there!!




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