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    german speeking DCS community

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    223rd Combat Aviation Squadron "Wolfpack" We are a DCS world squadron that understands everyone has their own life outside the game. So whether you have 8 hours a day to play or 20 mins, this is a good place to call home. We don't have any requirements to join, or hold mandatory trainings. But we're always training together, improving out skills. So a day 1 noob or a seasoned veteran can be happy here. Go to our forums on the main site and post about yourself in the arrivals section to join. We will mainly use the site to communicate with the non-steam users of DCS World TS Info: No Password

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    Для тех, кто любит #небо и #полёты, для тех, кто любит боевую авиацию. Что мы предоставляем нашей аудитории: уникальный контент, модификации для клиента, сборник руководств по эксплуатации самолетов, переводы зарубежных новостей, обучающий материал, игровой сервер. ❗Предлагайте свой #контент в личку сообщества❗ ❗НАШ YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ8iYyuViUBpuVO8KLpf.. ❗НАШ DISCORD https://discord.gg/5PCbXxdPcF ❗ВКОНТАКТЕ https://vk.com/dcsworld25

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    Australian Servers (5) running authorized TTI Missions. We also have our own members training server and, a server dedicated to Surrexen's Missions Join our discord "discord.gg/ZmXEBSU" and come have a chat and fly with us. Website: https://oceaniccombatgroup.com.au

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    ENG) Air Combat Wings was created on August 2020, we aim to recreate a real trainings of NAVY/USAF. With vVFA-137 Kestrels, vVFA-25 (F/A-18C) and 77th Gamblers (F-16C) we want to simulate the realistic procedures for create an immersive virtual squadron. In ACW are welcome also newbies with no multiplayer experience. We have a private server with different scenario (Caucaso, Syria and Nevada) SRS and a real CASEI/CASEII/CASEIII tracking with grades and flightlog, for tracking your flight time. We are Italian based community, but if you want to join with us, you are welcome ! ----- ITA) Air Combat Wings e' stata create nell'agosto del 2020, puntiamo a ricreare un addestramento reale USAF/NAVY grazie alla documentazione disponibile online, e basata a step. Abbiamo due squadroni F/A-18C 137 Kestrels e 25 Fist e uno squadrone F-16C 77th Gamblers per simulare missioni immersive e ricreare un ambiente il piu simulativo possibile. Abbiamo un server privato dove e' possibile lanciare diversi scenari anche simultaneamente (Caucaso, Nevada, Syria) canale SRS e un tracciamento in tempo reale dei CASE I/CASEII/CASEIII direttamente sul Discord ed un flighlog per tenere traccia delle nostre ore di volo, kill, voli effettuati e molto altro. Vi aspettiamo ! This is our Discord Channel https://discord.gg/hfyV8FS Website http://www.aircombatwings.net/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ACWAdmin/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/air_combat_wings/

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    A milsim-lite squadron founded in 2013, focusing on flexible, integrated operations featuring tasking for transport, fighter, and strike aircraft in a cooperative environment. We operate both Eastern and Western DCS and FC3 aircraft in weekly cooperative missions spanning the years between the Cold War era and modern times. We also run 2 dedicated servers with flexible training maps in both the Caucasus and a second rotating theatre, more or less 24/7. Visit our website at http://355thvfs.enjin.com to apply!

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    Established in 2017 - A Virtual Air Force with members from all over the world! ⌚ EU Timezone - Operations on Thursday Evenings at 1830GMT/BST 🎓 Training - Boasting a powerful training platform, we offer training in layered steps, at a time that suits you with a challenge suited to each level. ☕ Community - As part of the DCAF, you’ll find opportunities to branch out. We have a diverse community for you to hang out with, and learn from. If you're an existing squadron/group, we're always looking for opportunities to participate in Joint Campaigns and provide controllers/pilots. General Inquiries: dcafoc@gmail.com

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    We are currently gathering pilots for the F16, A-10C II, and F/A-18. If you are looking for a chilled place to fly and relaxed this is the right place to be. - 1 weekly wing mission, which all squadrons participate in - 1 weekly Training sessions - Liberation Campaign - We run a Check ride, Sign off system, On completing your sign offs, you get a custom livery with your name and callsign on the aircraft. - We have our own server running 24/7 (Besides Mission night) with some sort of persistent/dynamic campaign. (will take suggestions) - Above all else, We have fun! https://discord.gg/jju958J8nv

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    DCS World Indonesia - A Virtual Squadron operating in DCS World by Eagle Dynamics. We cover the entire range of activities from Air-Air Combat, Air-Ground Combat, and Aerobatics, consisting of both Naval and Air Force personnel, aircraft and tactics || Instagram : @dcsindonesia_official || Facebook : Digital Combat Simulator - Indonesia || Facebook Group : DCS World Indonesia || Website : www.gvaw.web.id

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    Sobre Nosotros: En el GAEv (Grupo Aeronaval Embarcado virtual) recreamos las operaciones de la Aviación Naval y seguimos un juego de rol con jerarquías militares. Nuestro simulador para campañas y misiones oficiales es el DCS. También tenemos actividad en IL 2 Great Battles

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    Únete a la Comunidad Española, donde creamos unión y fuerza entre los Escuadrones Virtuales de la Comunidad Española (hispanohablante en general) de DCS World y así, que nuestra pasión por la simulación aérea sea compartida, reforzando conocimientos y el disfrute de todos. https://discord.gg/KNfPnac

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    Nopryl Flight Squadron is a spin off community consisting of sunday warriors from the infamous NOPRYL Arma clan that have aged and now feels more content fighting sitting down with a HOTAS, big screens and VR. We are not big, we are not good, but we have a great time :) Best regards Sjaba
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    Летаем на самолётах Второй мировой войны. Будем рады видеть в своих рядах адекватных, с чувством юмора, пилотов и командиров, желающих проводить свободное время в дружном, весёлом коллективе. Летаем и в проекте "Ил-2 Штурмовик" https://il2sturmovik.ru/ Присоединяйтесь !

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    4YA is a DCS community We host various servers using 4YA's classic "Capture The Base" style game-modes but we also have some occasional events and other missions.

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    БРАТСКИЕ КРЫЛЬЯ реализует максимальную реалистичность боевых действий, современных и исключительно боевых машин (для DCS World). Курс компании взят на взаимодействие всех подразделений авиации, морских сил и наземной техники, способствует общению и объединению игроков, так же на людей у которых за плечами не первый год опыта полётов онлайн, есть боевые выучки и некоторые знания о взаимодействии! На сервере приветствуются пилоты честные, тактически грамотные, умеющие быстро оценивать обстановку на виртуальном фронте. Для новичков особенно рекомендуется использовать специально созданный для общения голосовой сервер Дискорд или Тим Спик!

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    This squadron hasn't provided a description.
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    EU/UK pilots 30+ , small casual group that fly together for fun, mainly PvE or use our Training Servers...dedicated Discord, 4/5 private dedicated 24/7 servers, new PVE missions made to suit members, Popular Modules include F/A-18,F-14, F-16, F-5, UH1H, Ka-50,Mi8,War-birds, A10, and others. UK based but with members also in US,middle east and Oz. PM [600]AceDuDe#1897 , Dealer#3733 or AceDuDe/AceServer2/4#8486 in Discord with age, etc for info plz Requirements: Sense of Humour , Nobody with Dummies or Toys . Voice interview, no check ride needed, Newbie oldies welcome :wink:
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    71st Aces High, Est. 2008; We're a Flight-Sim community dedicated to flying IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz, DCS World, and the IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles series (Moscow, Stalingrad, Kuban, Bodenplatte). We also conduct frequent ARMA III missions in public servers. If you're looking for tactical game-play and squad camaraderie, from online campaigns to flying a few sorties with a wing-man, come join us on our Team-Speak 3 Click on the Blue TeamSpeak letters to join our TS server and fly with us!
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    Se crea este Grupo para reunir a todos los Piraos de habla hispana, locos por volar cualquiera de los mуdulos de DCS, como FC2, Black Sharck o A10-C. Bienvenido. Nos vemos allб arriba. A group to gather all of you "spanish DCS freaks" around any DCS module. All of you are more than WELCOME. See you up there.

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    Le LINCI sono una Squadriglia di DCS basata quasi esclusivamente sull'utilizzo di F/A 18C Hornet e F-16C Viper, che ha avuto un grande passato su War Thunder in realistica/simulativa aerei WWII.

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    A Swedish Combat Flight Simulator Community www.masterarms.se

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    We are a virtual squadron that uses Eagle Dynamic's Digital Combat Simulator to emulate combat flying in the modern military aviation world. We simulate naval operations as a naval Strike Squadron as closely as possible within the framework of the simulation and the constraints of using a flight combat simulation, and maintain a robust library of documents and procedures taken directly from United States NATOPs manuals. The majority of our flight operations consists of training, weekly mission flights, and mid- to long-term campaigns that take place in the Persian Gulf map, Syria, as well as the Caucasus map, with the intention of including the upcoming Marianas map when it is released. Unlike some other virtual squadrons, we consider ourselves more of a military simulation, or "milsim," group than a simple combat flight simulation wing or other more casual simulation group. Our flying is heavily dependent upon real world carrier procedures, and specific radio procedures, communications, and discipline is important to what we do. Like any online community our members come from all walks of life and we enjoy having a good time, but when we're in the virtual skies we take what we're doing seriously. We have a training program that every member must complete. We fly online and maintain a North American squadron (VMFA-115). You can visit our web page at http://www.vcaw1.com

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    Здесь тестерский дух, Здесь багом пахнет.
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