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    Welcome to TF Trident! We are happy to have you aboard! We are a community of like-minded enthusiasts who aim to follow and emulate USAF and US Naval Aviation Tactics and Missions in a relaxed but high-proficiency manner. While we strive for continual self-improvement and greater unit cohesion, we also acknowledge the reality of DCS’s limitations and the importance of maintaining our personal lives. New and experienced pilots alike are welcome, to help grow a community that is fun-forward, respectful, and cooperative.

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    Established in 2017 - A virtual air force with members from all over the world with a focus on Community, Enjoyment, and Immersion! ⌚ EU Timezone - Events on Thursdays 1830GMT/BST. 🎓 Training - Boasting a powerful platform with many courses to delve into, many of which have been made by real-world instructors and with input from subject matter experts. DCAF members are able to track their progress and gain virtual qualifications. A Training Season is delivered as 2 seperate quarters of the year in preparation for our Operation Seasons. ☕ Community - As part of the DCAF, you’ll find opportunities to branch out. We have a diverse community for you to hang out with, and learn from. If you're an existing squadron/group, we're always looking for opportunities to participate in Joint Campaigns and provide controllers/pilots. General inquiries: dcafoc@gmail.com

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    Сообщество =RF= ( "Russian Falcons", "Русские Соколы" ) объединяет виртуальных пилотов, любителей авиационных симуляторов разных серий, любителей космоса и тактических шутеров.
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    AVAW is a friendly Australian based community focussed on fun and immersion. Custom built milsim-lite operational missions, with ground, approach and intercept controllers. Training sessions are conducted 1:1 in a casual and stress free environment. Our pilots will help you get the most value out of your time whatever your skill level. Discord: https://discord.avaw.au/ Email: ausvirtualairwing@gmail.com

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    The mission of the 1st Virtual Air Expeditionary Wing is to simulate the experience of being part of a United States Air Combat Wing. The Wing will utilize Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) and other peripheral software to provide this experience. The primary goal of the Wing is to maintain a fun and educational environment for all pilots that join. We currently have A-10, F-16, F-18, and F-15E Squadron's. Join us at www.1staew.com
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    JTF111 is a wing featuring 4 active squadrons - F/A-18C Hornets, F16C Vipers, F14B Tomcats and F15E Strike Eagles. We focus on cooperative, hand-created missions where we work together to accomplish our objectives. Please check out our "info" page or our discord for more information. Discord link: https://discord.gg/bSEf587B73

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    The 154th Air Wing is the first official DCS F-22 squadron dedicated to high performance handling of the Raptor in complex air combat situations.

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    English Speaking UK Based Netwide membership limited to 18 active pilots. Formed in 1998. FLYING TOGETHER for mutual Support and training. Our Squadron fly and operate All DCS simulations, flying informaly most nights and official training for members is every TUESDAY night. WEBPAGE http://www.shreksquadron.org/ TEAMSPEAK (main)IP Teamspeak (backup) IP
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    Il 6° Stormo Virtuale è molto più di un semplice gruppo di simulazione di volo. È un'autentica oasi di passione, storia e amicizia, dove le ali dell'aviazione militare italiana prendono il volo all'interno del simulatore DCS, trasportando i partecipanti in un mondo di emozioni e adrenalina. Il cuore del 6° Stormo Virtuale batte all'unisono con la storia dell'aviazione italiana. Questo gruppo ha scelto di incarnare il glorioso 6° Stormo dell'Aeronautica Militare italiana, una squadriglia leggendaria che ha combattuto con coraggio e determinazione . Il 6° Stormo Virtuale è più di una semplice simulazione; è un'opportunità per portare alla luce la storia e l'orgoglio dell'aviazione militare italiana. La passione dei membri contribuisce a preservare la memoria delle gesta eroiche e a farle conoscere a una nuova generazione di appassionati. In sintesi, il 6° Stormo Virtuale è un tributo vivente all'aviazione militare italiana, una fiamma ardente di passione e amicizia, un luogo dove la storia prende il volo nei cieli virtuali. È un gruppo che continua a ispirare e a emozionare chiunque abbia la fortuna di unirsi a questa straordinaria avventura virtuale. https://discord.gg/685gEBkER5
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    虚拟笕桥航空队-JQvFG成立于2017年,是由来自中国的一群军事模拟飞行爱好者组成的虚拟组织。“虚拟笕桥”以DCS World为联机活动平台,提供高拟真度、高烈度和高强度的PvE(vP)军事模拟联机活动。战队在军事模拟基础飞行技术、战术、指挥、协同等方面均定期或不定期设有接近真实的课程供飞友学习,致力于为爱好者打造出一个尽量接近真实战场的仿真模拟环境。 Established in 2017, JianQiao(JQ) virtual flight group is a virtual organization composed of a group of military simulation flight enthusiasts mainly from China. We take DCS World as the online activity platform, providing highly realistic and highly challenging PvE (vP) military simulation online activities for group members. Our group also sets up the basic flight, combat tactics, commanding, and coordination training courses to provide DCS players with a realistic and tactical environment to train and fly. We welcome all DCS players to join our group, and happy to build up a good relationship with other squadrons.

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    Australian Servers (6) * Authorized Through the Inferno (TTI) Missions. Servers #1 & #2 * We have our own training server on the Syria map Server #3 * Server #4 in rotation "Pretense" Caucasus and Syria missions * Server #5 in rotation "Foothold" Caucasus and Syria missions * 1 x Events and persistent missions Join our discord "discord.gg/ZmXEBSU" and come have a chat and fly with us. Website: https://oceaniccombatgroup.com.au Donations to keep the servers running is appreciated

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    La « Wolfa – Virtual Pilots Corporation » est une communauté de pilotes virtuels évoluant sur DCS World (Open Bêta) créée par des passionnés d’aéronautique militaire. Le cœur de la corporation est un groupe de pilotes virtuels disposant de plus d’une dizaine d’année d’expérience du simulateur et de gestion de communauté. Notre objectif est de profiter des possibilités du simulateur pour voler avec un maximum de réalisme sur les théâtres d’opérations modernes disponibles. Nous disposons actuellement de trois escadrilles distinctes évoluant sur F/A-18C, F-16C, AH-64D et Mirage 2000C. Ouverts à la communauté DCS, nous participons régulièrement, avec des escadrilles partenaires, à des vols communs pour partager expérience et bons moments. Nous possédons un serveur dédié et un site web sur lequel vous trouverez l’ensemble des modalités d’adhésion ou de collaboration. N’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre sur Discord pour un premier contact !

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    Escadron Français sur Mirage 2000 et F18 ; Nous cherchons à recruter de nouveau pilotes, n'hésitez pas à aller voir le topic recherche de pilote motivé.

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    https://forum.dcs.world/topic/309642-600s-squadron/ EU/UK pilots 30+ , small casual group that fly together for fun, mainly PvE or use our Training Servers...dedicated Discord, 4/5 private dedicated 24/7 servers, new PVE missions made to suit members, Popular Modules include F/A-18,F-14, F-16, F-5, UH1H, Ka-50,Mi8,War-birds, A10, and others. UK based but with members also in US,middle east and Oz. PM [600]AceDuDe#1897 , Dealer#3733 or AceDuDe/AceServer2/4#8486 in Discord with age, etc for info plz Requirements: Sense of Humour , Nobody with Dummies or Toys . Voice interview, no check ride needed, Newbie oldies welcome :wink:
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    Welcome to the 588th Fighter Aviation Regiment (588-Й Истребительный Авиационный Полк), Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS RUSSIA - ВKС РОССИИ). We are a casual combat flight simulation community, designed primarily for DCS players who specialize in 4th generation Soviet/Russian fighters. The 588th is a socialist organization, and we aim to provide a safe space for leftist and anti-fascist DCS pilots, as well as anyone else who wishes to be part of the community. Anyone may join and hang out, even if they don’t play DCS. We welcome friends, family, aviation enthusiasts, players from other games, etc. That said, if one wishes to participate in 588th operations in DCS, they are expected to be invested in a required module and proper equipment (more info is available under the “rules” channel.) As of November, 2023, the 588th now solely operates the MiG-29S Fulcrum C, the Su-27 Flanker B, and the Su-30SM Flanker C by CODENAME. Alden “Squid” Friend is the Regiment Commander, however we consider our authority to be horizontal. The 588th is a faithful, one to one virtual recreation of a modern Russian Aviation Regiment, aside from the fact that we don’t have a command structure. We are very laid back and there aren’t any scheduled flights or strict requirements for joining. If you wish to fly with us in DCS, but you are not yet invested in a required module, or if you do have access to a required module and don’t know how to operate it just yet, simply communicate this with us and we will walk you through the learning process step by step. For more information, please join our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/M6JuPhJ7PV Welcome aboard, comrade.

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    ENG) Air Combat Wings was created on August 2020, we aim to recreate a real trainings of NAVY/USAF. With vVFA-137 Kestrels, vVFA-25 (F/A-18C) and 77th Gamblers (F-16C) we want to simulate the realistic procedures for create an immersive virtual squadron. In ACW are welcome also newbies with no multiplayer experience. We have a private server with different scenario (Caucaso, Syria and Nevada) SRS and a real CASEI/CASEII/CASEIII tracking with grades and flightlog, for tracking your flight time. We are Italian based community, but if you want to join with us, you are welcome ! ----- ITA) Air Combat Wings e' stata create nell'agosto del 2020, puntiamo a ricreare un addestramento reale USAF/NAVY grazie alla documentazione disponibile online, e basata a step. Abbiamo due squadroni F/A-18C 137 Kestrels e 25 Fist e uno squadrone F-16C 77th Gamblers per simulare missioni immersive e ricreare un ambiente il piu simulativo possibile. Abbiamo un server privato dove e' possibile lanciare diversi scenari anche simultaneamente (Caucaso, Nevada, Syria) canale SRS e un tracciamento in tempo reale dei CASE I/CASEII/CASEIII direttamente sul Discord ed un flighlog per tenere traccia delle nostre ore di volo, kill, voli effettuati e molto altro. Vi aspettiamo ! This is our Discord Channel https://discord.gg/hfyV8FS Website http://www.aircombatwings.net/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ACWAdmin/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/air_combat_wings/

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    This squadron hasn't provided a description.
  • Open Squadron  ·  48 members  ·  Last active

    Ghost Syndicate is a Semi-Milsim group, We enjoy a laid back approach to flying, where we try to be as inclusive of all our members as possible. We do not expect players to go away and learn a complete guide to military radio communications. We run the group as Airforce and Navy, With a good ammount of Airframes available for everyone to fly. Check out our rules and find our Discord info in our forums.

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    The Jousters are a PvE group flying mostly modern NATO aircraft. We play every Thursday at 2000 EST. Our style of game is more game than sim; we’re all busy with work and family, we just want to have a drink and play DCS. About every other month we play a continuing role-play style campaign mission. These missions are considered Jousters’ official cannon and they are on YouTube. The campaign is a ton of fun and is pretty much the reason we exist. It’s a continuing story where one's actions contribute to their own story and the story of the Jousters. If you enjoy customization, character, humor, and adventure then you’ll fit right in. Stop by anytime, our server is always running, but if you want to meet people you need to show up Thursday at 2000 EST. All skill levels are welcome, all ages are not; you must be at least 18 years of age to get on this ride. Discord: https://Discord.gg/m62hJQkhtq YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYi6wplCrXzDNIF787z_iHQ

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    We are Casual flying group, EU based (GMT, CEST), looking for pilots want to fly 4th gen planes on missions in casual manner but with minimum dose of realism to keep things organized and more or less safe :)

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    Who We Are: Founded in 2008, we are an international group of like minded individuals that push the DCS simulator to the boundaries of realism for which it was intended. From our commitment to following real world procedures to our organized events, to our relentless pursuit of becoming better virtual pilots, the 1st VFW is built for the experienced DCS pilot looking to be challenged. To join the 1st VFW you must meet the following criteria: 18 years or older Speak fluent English Not a full member of another group that uses DCS (not talking about public groups - only private ones like us) Know how to ramp start, takeoff, and land and fire the weapons Own and use a head tracking device (IE. VR Headset, Track IR, etc) You own the Viper or the Hornet and have the Persian Gulf and Syria Maps. If you are interested in joining, please contact Fulcrum29.

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    Anyone playing out of the UK or from the UK

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    The Wolf Pack is an easy going DCS community. Our goal is to provide a space where anyone can come and make their own multiplayer experience. Our Content Creators have free reign to make whatever kind of missions, campaigns, and experiences. We operate a few persistent servers. You can locate them with the Open Beta Version of DCS through the multiplayer search. Search "Wolf Pack US". There are a verity of Maps and time periods to fly. Helicopter focused, Modern Jets, Cold War, WWII, and other combinations. We run pre-planned events on a regular basis. Check this discord for announcements. Visit our Server Discord Https://discord.gg/wolfpack1

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