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  2. Hi, ich habe das ja gerade in einem anderen Beitrag geschrieben; Mir ging es ganz gleich. Zum Grundverständnis; Virpil hat hier zwei Ebenen. "Physical Button" (wird nur Intern verarbeitet) und "Logic" Button (welche dann die Ausgabe an die Software ist/macht) Wenn du unter "Axis to Button" einen "Button result" erstellst ist dieser nur einmal eine interne "Physical Button" Du musst dann einem freien Logic, in der Liste den "physical" zuweisen. Ich habe aber gerade nochmal deinen Screenshot gecheckt, du hast eine neuere Software, da sieht das ein wenig anders aus als bei mir aber ich gehe davon mal aus das dass Prinzip ähnlich ist. Hoffe das ist hilfreich
  3. haha this was also reported in the F86 bug thread as well, this should be an easy lua fix that someone can do in a matter of minutes. Why is it such simple QOL improvements either never get done or take years???
  4. Однако. Поставил заглавными и проявились и PP, и RP,и WPT. И все на своих местах.
  5. Hi, No pod, just radar radar lock from 30 degree vertical scan, helicopters are airborne. I will see what I can sort out screen shot wise. on the server I have been using it takes me about 15 mins to find anything target wise.
  6. Еще про экраноплан DARPA. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/cargo-hauling-ekranoplan-x-plane-is-being-developed-by-darpa
  7. But I say they still should react but with consistency, also when we don't shoot, because they should not know - only expect. If I had TacView I would've watched - that's why I asked what was your findings. @AH_Solid_Snake But the test shots or long shots vs bombers are still fine - just manuevering fighters are harder to get because they are low sometimes and they, well, maneuver.
  8. Isn't there a DCS disable hotplug option? Also similar to above, I would disable all USB power saving settings. Think this could be done in the bios, but certainly in windows power settings.
  9. I would like to add a request that has just come up recently. Can we have Jester NOT switch us out of LANTIRN to the AXX-1 when hostile air is nearby? It didn't used to happen before, but I've noticed lately that it does. Just yesterday I was in hot with only 5 seconds left to drop the bomb and a bandit who was not close enough to be an immediate threat came around and Jester immediately switched the LANTIRN to the AXX-1 and trashed my drop. I dropped anyway and luckily the bomb still shacked the target, but it could have been worse and it has been. Sometimes, as the pilot, you are willing to take that extra second or two to make the drop and ignore the bandit until you've finished your run, but this Jester behavior doesn't allow for that. Thanks, v6, boNes
  10. @MoxicaYou are probably right that it should be there Do you know how to do that? Toni
  11. Switched waypoint does not work. The chopper will only orbit. It seems once that task is in the queue, any additional task gets back burnered.. I even tried putting a command (group resume) in the activation tab (propeller symbol) of the unit's property page and invoking that script with an AI push action. However, I can get the chopper to follow me if I put a 'follow' instruction in the activation tab. But that's not really what rescue helos do-they need to follow their track and when they encounter the rescue site, a script of that waypoint executes to make them land.
  12. I don't know. Maybe move this thread to "Bugs and problems"?
  13. Взлёт без Position Hold и его включение, Velocity Hold под мостом, стрельба НАР и пушкой с висения с Position Hold 1300-1500 метров, стрельба пушкой с наведением от нашлемки пилота во время Velocity Hold, поиск цели в лесу, кривенькая петля, пару заходов на площадку и воронка вокруг техники)
  14. Das ist bei mir Achse rZ, sollte unter "AXIS" ganz normal auftauchen. Jede Achse musst du einmal durch kalibrieren. Bei den Buttons gebe ich dir auch einen Tipp: Die "physical" Buttons werden durch die Software als "Logic" Buttons ausgegeben. Z.B. kann es sein dass der physische Knopf 1 dann als Ausgabe (software) in DCS als Knopf 4 auftaucht... Einige Schalter, z.B. die Kippschalter haben zwei physiche Knöpfe aber nur eine logic Ausgabe. Du bekommst beim hin/her switchen in DCS also nur einen Input. Ich habe hier in der Logic Reihe einfach einen freien Input gesucht und den fehlenden Physical ergänzt. Wenn du dich ein wenig beschäftigst verstehst du was ich meine. Weis nicht warum Virpil nicht in der Grundsoftware schon jeden Schaltpunkt einen input zuweist... Bei den Achsten kannst du auch Bereiche festlegen in denen ein Button input ausgegeben wird. (ich rede bei input immer als Eingabe in die Software wie DCS...) Dieser erscheint dann auch zuerst nur als physicher innerhalb der VPS Software --> siehe under AXIS bei "Axis to button) Hier musst du dann bei BUTTON auch wieder einen Logic Input hinterlegen damit dann der auch ausgegeben wird, alsi Input in DCS usw. Beispiel: Ich habe der Schubachse rX, bei mir Achse 1 in der VPC Software, von 0% bis 2% den Result Button 075 zugewiesen. Bei Button habe ich wieder einen freien Logic (054) die Physical 075 zugewiesen - Normal- Wenn der Schubhebel nun in den Bereich 0 bis 2% geht kann ich in DCS z.B. den left Engine Cutoff zuweisen. Wenn du da Schwierigkeiten hast dann melde dich einfach.
  15. Last thing that came to my mind was time Ive testing. It was after midnight, and my Win Focus was set 7.00-24.00. Now I find I could disable it at all. Also it could be serwer related - they must restart it yesterday after patch.
  16. Again, interesting @Moxica How do I get this to the attention of ED? Toni
  17. Unfortunately I'm in the %10 of males that is red and green deficient in my color acuity. Because of this I sometimes have to change the colors of things in DCS. Right now I can't tell who has fire control, me of George. If I'm static on the ground I can see the colors change when I when I give George control but when I'm flying and only have a split second to to check and the background is moving and changing colors I can't see it. Does anybody know where the definition files for these colors are? I think they are in the "materials.lua" but I don't see anything that strike me as being for the George interface.
  18. If I remember correctly, there was a group working on a 163 some time back. No idea where that went.
  19. I must have missed M2, I think I’ve added it to all the others. Thanks!
  20. Thanks @btaft for your kind words! As Yurgon says this kind of campaign is extremely time-consuming due to required research and sheer amount of voiceovers. Still, I have some more in plans for medium - term, including: - part two of Iron Flag (obviously) - something similar for the Hornet in Raven One universe, so written with Jell-O and Kevin Miller - another one for the Apache when the time is right with Casmo.
  21. Me to! It is as if I have reset all axis tunings, but they are the same. Just now, after I've landed, the collective did not seem to go to zero, and I tilted after I set it to zero. The handbrake would not engage, as it just went back to off immediately after pressing it. Before I tilted, I had to hold the pedal brakes to avoid taxiing with all axis to zero. In forward flight it is like sitting in a rocking chair.
  22. Thanks @Eldur That was a very interesting read of your experience(s). I might have to see if I can find a different thread where ED Dev team might get to see this as a report, or however it works to make them aware of 'some' people's issues, post latest update to OpenBeta Thanks Toni
  23. In any case I don’t think this issue is campaign - related..
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