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  2. No, AFAIK. What I did to simplify things is set up separate custom graphics settings for helicopters, jets and heavy MP servers, so this way I can get the right ones by two clicks in the settings when I need to.
  3. Try unbinding your missiles from the spacebar key, the press spacebar to continue command can cause a conflict with your controls.
  4. In the interim, you can try binding the rudder controls (normally Z and X) to your Hotas too. I know others that have had success this way. Use the buttons for takeoff and landing. Use the twist for flight.
  5. Хотелось бы чтобы стрелка контролировал ии если игрок сидит за командира и наоборот. Также было бы неплохо если ии будет информировать игрока о обнаруженных целях. А то сейчас получается что танк контролируемый ии задействует все доступное оружие одновременно, у игрока же физически таких возможностей нет.
  6. Модули ЧА2 и ЧА3 будут взаимодействовать друг с другом в части расщаривания целей, обозначений друг друга на абрис?
  7. I think the more accurate request is for a slightly simplified flight style as an option. An Arcade flight mode maybe?
  8. I think as long as the weight of the scan volume does not change in TWS Auto (and start skewing the beam ) while supporting a missile that's okay. I was hoping for a more sensible way to have Jester pick out a set of targets more narrowly in order to sort. A human RIO can still TWS Manual and steer the beam, but I was hoping for auto steering with a narrowing beam.
  9. I'm trying to change the behavior of a tank column once that column has been engaged. I want to eliminate the "pull to the side of the road and wait for my death" response. Instead I want them to immediately redirect to a different waypoint. I have the second part covered, but I can't keep them from stopping first.
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  11. As the title states, the AI defend the AIM-54, regardless of what range the phoenix is set to go active at. Setting the phoenix to go active at 6nm or 13nm in the cockpit doesn't change the fact that the AI aircraft defend the missile at 10nm. I can provide tacview and/or track files to prove it if necessary. Just thought I'd mention this while the AI BVR updates are going on.
  12. Also, you have to press the nose wheel steering button to actually engage it. Also depends on which version you are on, I don’t think it works in the stable version currently!
  13. Release the flaps and press the DLC button. Autopilot will not turn on without DLC.
  14. On second thought, maybe it's correct, I remember there was a crash of a prototype plane, that sounds similar to what happens here. Are y'all looking at the right EM diagrams?
  15. Yeah with these things there's always a risk of damaging something as well, especially if you've modified DCS to your own liking over a few years. Doing it manually wasn't too bad, it was only in a few places. Would be much preferable if the VAICOM FAQ or manual had a page on manual uninstalling or at least a list of files/changes and relative paths.
  16. Fair enough... Okay kids, a show of hands, raise your hand if you were confused by WRT? If so, it stands for With Respect To... Raise your hand if you were confused by or did not understand SOP? SOP is short for Standard Operating Procedure. Raise your hand if you were confused by or did not understand GCI? GCI is short for Ground Control Intercept Raise your hand if you were confused by or did not understand NJ? NJ is short for Nachtjagd, which refers to the WWII (apologies...) make that World War Two, German (in case there was some confusion concerning the nation) Luftwaffe night fighter arm. Not literally an arm mind you, more like a branch, but of a tree or river/stream. Raise your hand if you were confused or did not understand RAF? RAF is short for the Royal Air Force, and in this context it's the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But I confess that I took the lazy approach and did not state that I used RAF to imply the inclusion of other Royal Air Force units flying the Mosquito like the RCAF, RAAF, RNZAF and RNoAF squadrons. And for that I am greatly embarrassed and deeply humiliated.
  17. No work on my part, ED have coded it that way, I'm guessing the Hornet/kneeboard scans the mission file shortly after the player spawns in (the ACLS page details take approximately 15 seconds to populate if opened immediately) i.e. if I • start one of my test missions • open the kneeboard • hit pause ... the kneeboard looks like this However, if I unpause the mission, 13 seconds later the page will refresh with the correct TCN, ICLS and Link 4 details. I assume the OP has found a setting that stops the kneeboard from populating or is breaking the Link 4 in some way.
  18. Yea I am getting the same thing since the last major update, the game will randomly lock up and require you to force end the game and as a result it wont generate a crash file. Log file shows nothing obvious other then radioclickafter/before.wave cant be loaded. Specifically happening in the F14
  19. Gentlemen, After a very long time trying to finish the ATO B.P2.3 mission in the Su-25T - Georgian Oil War campaign, and after several landings and a few repairs, on one takeoff the canopy just jumped and was blown away. The situation occurred a bit before 14:20 hours. I managed to abort using the drag chute. I then proceeded with repairing the aircraft, but after that the canopy no longer worked for the rest of the entire mission. I leave here one screenshot. As you can see in the screenshot, at that speed the canopy should already have been blown away. As to the track file, because it is so big, I uploaded it to WeTransfer, along with the debrief and some other screenshots. This is the link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/cf8a1a2c67aca3b65a25dbaeb5a1de8c20220524015825/ae0fec1c527e483060c9137bb0024a3420220524015853/267258 Thank you for your attention.
  20. Thanks for the clarification. I wondered about the spoiler module, now I know. Yeah, the missiles need some time, the checklist just asks you to verify it's on. It's interesting to know that it was turned on on the ground even to allow time for troubleshooting. Thanks again for the info!
  21. Can confirm I am getting the same thing specifically it cant load wave "speech\eng\common\tanker\effects\aircrafts\cockpits\radioclickafter.wav" and "speech\eng\common\tanker\effects\aircrafts\cockpits\radioclickbefore.wav". Your logs look identical to mine but show nothing obvious other then the cant load wave file. The game will lock up at random times, however it will not CTD you have to force close it, and as a result we can't get a crash dump.
  22. Thanks for reporting it! Yeah, this is an AI bug that I already reported to @[ED]Obi - the AI sometimes can't break orbit but rather flies in an S pattern forever. Eventually they may stop, or they may not. There are several problems with the AI in the current build, but fixes are on the way.
  23. I'm not gonna lie, I've been thinking and hoping the same thing. IMHO, a nice Midway or Enterprise would be nice and fit with the aircraft that we currently have, as well as the A-7, F-4 (whichever navalized version coming) and the A-6 that are in the works. The old carriers are what I'd like to see.
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