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  2. Fact is that targets were engaged that were under no threat of S-300 systems. Despite high claims of this system. If you wanna be more critical, then you should apply the same level of scrutiny to your Saudi example.
  3. I'm actually surprised ED didn't release a hot fix for this.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Trying to figure out your thought process, but I fail to see any coherence. Mixing unrelated events and not even being able to quote them correctly. Can you show us the targets that got down during last salvo launch?
  6. Normandy 2, Channel and South Atlantic do not work either. Issue replicated and reported.
  7. Not necessarily, faulty ram is extremely rare as far as I can tell. But instabilities due to stressed memory controller, high clocks, high temps etc. are very common. There’s a reason that hardware can be overclocked often but not always. The manufacturer specs it to a „save“ number, where 99,9 out of 100 items won‘t fail. But any given chip can have more or less headroom. Overclocking (and or over or undervolting) is fine. I do it too. But whenever you experience crashes, the tuning should be your first suspect. Just to rule it out. I‘ll give you an example. I can overclock the VRAM on my 3080 up to 1000 MHz (on water) and successfully run 3DMark timespy. But as much as a 300 MHz overclock will crash in DCS. On the other hand I can undervolt the GPU to 950mV @ 2100Mhz and run DCS without problem. But 3DMark will crash immediately.
  8. Found this: Clear Canopy Glass Works like a charm in the Apache! Unfortunately, only for SP - doesn't pass controls. Haven't checked in other aircraft, but apparently work wonders everywhere.
  9. Yeah. The Flightpanels fork is actively maintained. The "Hub" version (v0.10 etc.) isn't. That's likely the cause of your problems.
  10. I'm having with my computer and actually just did a fresh install of windows and putting everything back. This was happening before, and it's still happening... any ideas gents?
  11. well I don't understand why the front nose wheel has breaks on; or the wheel chocks AI is broken? I removed them, and throttle forward and no movement, full throttle and flipped the plane over because the dam front nose gear won't move.
  12. @71st_Mastiff nose wheel steering is out since a long time, maybe a year. And the lost of control binding is unfortunately we have to aspect on every update. Best is to take it with a lot of humor
  13. #crazyrussianpilot #apacheAh64D #Su33 #Су33 #dogfight
  14. I just found this video. Am I following it to get the latest version of DCS-BIOS Fork? Wayne
  15. I try to get the point from a Unit that has run into a landmine and exploded. I want to spawn casualties and an ambush around that point. But it seems I can no longer get the point with Unit.getByName(initiator.name):get point(). Neither with s_event_dead, s_event_kill or s_event_unit_lost. (Did switch to target, where necessary). Does anyone have any idea how to get the point/coordinates from a dead object? I am at a total loss. If I am not suffering from dementia this worked with the dead event a couple years ago!
  16. Greetings, Whenever I takeoff, my rudder is highly sensitive. Even with the NWS sensitivity disengaged, the F1 still careens side-to-side uncontrollably until I crash. I checked my other jets, no problem. How can I reduce sensitivity even further?
  17. There is no nose wheel steering in the controls any longer, and the left right breaks are reversed when I installed this new update, a lot of control binding disappeared for me; when I go into a MP server.
  18. FONTE https://forum.dcs.world/topic/97330-dcs ... nt=5226580 Bye Phant
  19. FONTE https://forum.dcs.world/topic/97330-dcs ... nt=5226576 Bye Phant
  20. Yeah, I hope it's not a long preorder. Maybe they are waiting until it's actually finished and ready for release before starting the hype train or a preorder.
  21. This is copied from the DCS BIOS screen: DCS-BIOS Version: v0.10.0+64 (21e288cdeb95f54d1b5c4935fde9e51ae3c58965) Is there an updated version? Wayne
  22. Sadly didnt save the track for this one. Training gun dogfights with an F-14 against a veteran AI SU-27, I managed two fights in a row to get hits. Each time I destroyed one of the two elevators, it was completely gone. One time was left elevator, not sure about the other one. But each time, the SU-27 just kept fighting, without any apparent loss of performance. When in reality, im pretty sure that plane cant fly with just one elevator left? And even if there was some way, it certainly should not keep dogfighting as if nothing happened.
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