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  1. FoxTwo's post in Lost some control bindings in latest 2.7 open beta update. Cannot set controls. was marked as the answer   
    Have you edited your joystick/keyboard default.lua?
    There was a typo that was fixed in 2.7 (cptligths became cptlights) however the hotas binding in clickabledata.lua still had a typo. (THROTTLE_EXTERIOR_LIGHTS was THROTTLE_EXTERIOR_LIGTHS).
    I reported this when 2.7 fixed the cptlights and apparently it was fixed a patch or two back.
    Run a repair and try using the stock bindings and see if that fixes your issue.
  2. FoxTwo's post in Uncommanded barrel rolls? was marked as the answer   
    Overspeeding the aircraft resulting in a retreating blade stall.
    Don't exceed the aiframe limit of 270 kph.
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