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no P-51D dir in ...DCS\config\input (Workaround)


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i just flew a couple of days with the TF-51D and decide to buy the P-51D Module...


After i bought and install the P-51D module over DCS i changed some key bindings in P-51D Sim preferences.

But i noticed what ever key i changed it was not saved.

I checked the DCS\config\input under saved games and there was no P-51D dir with the keyboard folder and the related Keyboard.diff.lua .

I delete the DCS folder under saved games and did a DCS World repair but it did not work.


However there was a TF-51D dir with the Keyboard.diff.lua with the key changes i did before while i flew the TF-51D.

So i made a copy of this TF-51D dir and renamed it into P-51D and put it back in the DCS\config\input dir.

Now all the key bindings i changed are working.


kind regards

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