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141st JTOC Recruitment

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Hey all, I'm from the 141st JTOC, and we're currently looking for new members!  We all fly a variety of airframes, with squadrons focusing on the F14, F15E, F16, FA18, AH64, and AJS37 (A10 and possibly F4 squadron coming soon).  We currently have ~70 members, mostly based in Europe and North America.  Overall, I'd describe our group as a "casual milsim"; we run structured missions and procedures, but we like to have fun and don't get too worked up about things.  Our requirements are fairly simple:

1. Must be 18 or older

2. Must have a mic

3. Must know how to use SRS or be willing to learn

If you have any questions, let me know!  Otherwise if you're interested, join us on Discord and submit an application! 141st JTOC Discord * CLICK HERE*

141st JTOC | COL. "Matt" | Lobo 1-1

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