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If you get a "Error Code: 3" error during install:

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Re-download the file.

Your package has become corrupted during download.

I tried downloading the files using Leechget (a download manager), but it corrupted my packs the first time.

If you download without using a download manager (yes you will get somewhat slower downloads) it will download fine.


Mirror 2 gave me 200kb/sec on average (i am located in the netherlands).

Mirror 1 gave me <100kb/sec


I hope this helps others.:rolleyes:




Asus Z390-E, 32GB Crucial Ballistix 2400Mhz, Intel i7 9700K 5.0Ghz, Asus GTX1080 8GB, SoundBlaster AE-5, G15, Streamdeck, DSD Flight, TM Warthog, VirPil BRD, MFG Crosswind CAM5, TrackIR 5, KW-908 Jetseat, Win 10 64-bit


”Pilots do not get paid for what they do daily, but they get paid for what they are capable of doing.

However, if pilots would need to do daily what they are capable of doing, nobody would dare to fly anymore.”

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