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Lock-on 1.1 Installation and trouble shooting

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  • Download the 1.1 add-on. If you experience an error when installing, you may have a bad download and have to download again. You may download as many times as need be.

  • After downloading the file, go the the Download page and write down the Key number it gives you next to the Download button.

  • Uninstall all LockOn versions (1.0, 1.01, 1.02, demos). Do this before installing the add-on.
    * Manually delete the Ubisoft/Eagle folder
    * Restart Computer.

  • Install Lock-On V1.00 from CD. You do not need to apply any patches(V1.01, V1.02), as the 1.1 installer contains all previous patches and is compatible with all localised versions(French, German, Spanish etc).

  • Launch 1.1 installer.

  • After starting the game for the first time, you will be requested to enter your Key. Your key is on the Lockon.ru web site: FILES --> DOWNLOAD page and shown over the Lock.on 1.1 download button(remember you must be logged in to see it). Copy & Paste the key into the StarForce field or enter it manually. You MUST enter this key to be able to run the game.

StarForce Protection System


Please consult the StarForce activation guide here:


:icon_arro Lockon.ru: StarForce activation guide


This guide contains very important information about StarForce product activation procedures and following the instructions will help to minimise the risk of problems occuring during the activation process.





Please consult the re-installation guide here:


:icon_arro Lockon.ru: Re-installation guide


This guide contains important information regarding re-installation of Lock-on 1.1 and how to avoid spending StarForce activations in the process.

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Trouble Shooting (F.A.Q)


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, which may help you to customise your Lock-on 1.1 installation or find solutions to encountered problems.



"Why is LockOn trying to access ctl.micorsoft.com?...sometimes I see warnings in my firewall\network monitor?"


It is a DirectX library which is trying to check for certification of video\audio drivers on initialization.


If your drivers are authenticated by Microsoft, then DX9 may try to

verify if they have expired by connecting to the following URL

crl.Microsoft.com. This is a Microsoft Certification check for

expiration of Certificate site. This could be triggered when a game

is run, as it interfaces with the video and sound drivers installed in



This feature of Windows can be turned off in the following


Start Internet explorer and click...

Tools | Internet Options

Click the ADVANCED TAB, then scroll down to Security:





This will stop Windows from trying to verify if a certificated

driver certificate has expired or not.



"Why do the "Demo-Su-25T-Cruiser-Hunter" and "Dogfight Su-25T vs 2 A-10" tracks sometimes show incorrect playback?"


These tracks were recorded with a beta version of FC, but were included with the release version, because they may be of interest to virtual pilots. For correct playback of these tracks, run them right after FC has started up. Do not play any missions or tracks prior to these.



"When I click on a campaign in the campaign window, nothing happens and the game seems to "freeze"(?)


Some Lock-on 1.1 campaigns, such as the "MiG-29 last_chance", are rather large. Just give them time to load - it may take 1-2 minutes.



"Why is the key-command for "set trimmers to neutral possition" not working for the Su-25 and Su-25T?"


This is a feature. The real Su-25 and Su-25T have no such feature, so this function was not incorporated into the new high-fidelity AFM(Advanced Flight Model) for these aircraft.



"Why doesn't the trim-axis work for the Su-25 and Su-25T?"


For the same reason as above - these aircraft have button-style trimmers only in real life.



"Why doesn't the "invulnerability" option work for the Su-25 and Su-25T?"


Welcome to reality :) . To be honest - the developers prioritised the implementation of "hardcore" functions to the AFM and simply forgot to implement an "invulnerability" option for this.



"Why is the flap position incorrectly animated on the Su-25 and Su-25T in multiplayer?"


It is a known issue - it will be fixed later.



"I'm trying to install Flaming Cliffs \ Seasons Pack and getting "Error 3". What's wrong?"


The file you downloaded has been corrupted or is incomplete. This is a known issue with Internet Explorer when downloading large files. We suggest using a download manager, which supports RESUME function.


Go to Download->Files section of lockon.ru site and select your file by pressing "DOWNLOAD" button. You will get a choice of 2 mirrors, select a mirror and copy the URL of the file to clipboard. Then paste the URL from the clipboard to your favorite download manager.


When the download is complete, check the size of the files:


LO_1.1_Flaming_Cliffs_Seasons_Pack.exe:....179,849,577 bytes

LO_1.1_Flaming_Cliffs_Setup.exe:...............295,916,115 bytes

LO_1.1_Flaming_Cliffs_Movies_Pack.exe:......304,725,630 bytes



"Sometimes LockOn is crashing to desktop with exception in msvcrt.dll....how can I fix it?"


This is occuring on some configurations due to a Windows issue known as "DLL-hell". It is possible to fix it. Open Windows Notepad (or any other text editor), create a file named lockon.exe.local and save it to your LockOn folder, where lockon.exe is located. You don't have to write anything to this lockon.exe.local file, it can be 0 bytes length. Now Windows will run lockon.exe with its local copies of msvcp60.dll and msvcrt.dll.


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Cockpit options


"How do I change default cockpit views for various planes?


Look in the file: "..Lockon\Config\View\SnapViews.lua":


set Snap[N][13]["viewAngle"] = X

where X - your desired view parameter and N - aircraft index number:


1) Su-27

2) Su-33

3) Su-25

4) Su-25T

5) Mig-29

7) A-10

8 )F-15



"How do I change default HUD color for varies planes?"


Look in the file: "..Lockon\Config\View\View.lua":


HUDColor[N] = {R,G,B}

N is same aircraft index number as described above.


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Joystick and HOTAS


"I have a Microsoft Force Feedback 2 joystick - the feedback effects do not appear to be functioning properly".


This is an issue specifically with the MSFF2.


Check: ..\lockon\Config\contactor.cfg and set SwapForceAxes to 1.



"How can I change the intensity of force feedback effects?"


Check: ..\lockon/Config/Contactor.cfg file.


TrimmerGain = 1.0;..(feedback intensity of trimming)

ShakeGain = 0.5;....(feedback intensity of effects such as shaking\getting hits\gun firing\explosions etc).


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"How can I enable mouse-view in cockpit?"


Set CockpitMouse = true in file ..lockon\Config\View\View.lua



"How can I invert mouse axis?"


Go to Options->Controls->Axis->Mouse, select "Horizontal view" or "Vertical view" axis and set "Invert".


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