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About this Squadron

Digital special operations wing that utilizes simulated life like scenarios and conducts cross platform or cross airframe missions and training
  1. What's new in this squadron
  2. until
    Red forces have captured the landing field.......... Black dogs SCRAMBLE SCRAMBLE SCRAMBLE...... We will be conducting air to air and air to ground missions on wed at 8pm EST. join in on the fun on our discord channel https://discord.gg/8gGFsMkT
  3. until
    combat mission over guam to eliminate oncoming air threats and ground threats trying to take over the island of guam download.jfif
  4. Joint training conducted every friday
  5. Dynamic mission to overtake beslan in caucus with joint operations from rotary and fixed wing
  6. Joint Mission to provide infil/exfil,cap,sead,and convoy elimanation.

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