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Who We Are

Hello fellow virtual pilots!


We are Pantheon Initiative, a mostly US based group who focuses primarily (but not exclusively) on late Cold War era combat technology. We hold weekly training and events both PVP and PVE built by one of our many skilled and creative mission designers. We also regularly fly on our own public server where we host a highly edited version of TTI Syria. We also have a collection of alternate more structured missions on top of our Event Nights, which feature bespoke and detailed missions.


We are a Milsim Lite group. We don't have ranks outside of Flight and Element leads which apply in-mission. We follow real procedure and tactics as they apply to DCS, and how we can use them to make the most efficent use of our aircraft.


Checkrides are required for becoming a member. However everyone is welcome to hang out in the Discord, fly on our server, and join any public events we hold.

We are currently looking for committed pilots of all skill levels who enjoy teamwork, challenges, and learning.


All 4 flights are currently looking to fill positions:


Aircraft: F-14B, F/A-18C


Dingo Flight:  DEAD, SEAD, OCA, STRIKE
Aircraft: F/A-18C, F-16C


Cerberus Flight: AFAC, CAS
Aircraft: A-10C II, AV-8B, SU-25


Aircraft: Mi-24, KA-50, Mi-8


Get to know us by joining our Discord (https://discord.gg/RfrGfS6) and hopping on our dedicated Open Beta server: [PI] Pantheon Initiative




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