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V1 Training



Event details

This event begins 08/24/22 and repeats every week on Wednesday forever

Weekly training (by appointment) event for DCAF V1 Students.

APPLICATION FORM:  https://forms.gle/fhxwzxAJVBjYfU779

Discord: https://discord.gg/dcaf

AGE RESTRICTIONS: Due to the Digital Coalition Air Force’s primary function being to use DCS World, which is a combat flight simulation game, a minimum participant joining age of 18 Years of Age is required. This is to protect younger members from potentially distressing material related with warfare discussions. The age of 18 Years of Age has been selected as it is a generally agreed upon age of Adulthood and self determining legal consent (particularly in the EU, UK and USA). Members younger than 18 Years of Age may apply, but will not be considered for application until after their 18th Birthday. Members that are later found to have lied about their age and stated that they were older than 18 Years of Age in their application, or at the time of joining, when they were in fact younger, will be removed from the DCAF and their application to join will not be considered in the future.

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