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  1. Hi Amarok, How are you spawning the group? Do you use the -s command or the -act command? If you use -s, make sure that you also add -kt and -op as parameters. Otherwise the tasking and route that you have set up for the group will be overridden on spawn. Cheers Cake
  2. Awesome, what functions are you working on? There's no GitHub for Gamemaster, in the past, whenever someone had a contribution, they just sent me their file and I merged their functions into my build (while giving them full credit of course). I often refactored their code a bit as well, in order to make it conform to my own coding style. If you have some neat functions to add to Gamemaster, I'll gladly merge them into the main script. Cheers Cake
  3. Hi HunterJoker, check Section 2.2 of the Gamemaster Manual. Rarely used types of group templates (like WW2 era planes) are not enabled for spawning per default. They must manually be enabled in the config section of Gamemaster_Templates.lua by setting their entry in the list from "false" to "true". You can use Section 6 of the manual to check which types of aircraft/ground units are included in the various template groups. Don't forget to reselect the script file in your mission after making your adjustments. Cheers, Cake
  4. Thanks for the offer, I might take you up on it, but only if he/she is well behaved! JK, enjoy the script and let me know if anything's not working as it should!
  5. Sadly not, that's due to the design of the Lima's sight, which does not have an external moving part when the sight is slewed up and down. This in turn means that there's no animation state that I can grab by script command and use to calculate the vertical component of the aim point of the sight.
  6. Howdy folks, new Version 2.4 of Gamemaster_Functions is out now. Check out the initial post in this thread for details. No love for the Gamemaster_Templates this time around. I am aware that new units have come out that need to be put in, but I wanted to focus on the functions side of things for this update. And there are some neat additions to Gamemaster_Functions...I especially enjoy the new command that lets me throw radio beacons out into the world at will and at any frequency. Also, the problem with overly friendly enemy planes should be fixed, now they should only be passive if you set their ROE that way. So, enjoy guys, and let me know what you think! Cheers Cake
  7. Nice Job! That should tide you guys over, until I'm finished with the new script version (hopefully by next sunday)
  8. Thanks! I'm always happy for feedback (especially if it's positive). Let me know if you run into any issues with my script.
  9. Hey, thanks for pointing that out to me. The spawn command was one of the first commands I've added to my script. Seems like it needs to be touched up a little now, because back when I first implemented the command, the spawned planes actually did act aggressively on their own. I'm not quite sure yet on how I'm going to address the issue you've raised, but I'm leaning towards adding a config option that allows to set a default ROE for all spawned groups, in tandem with an additional parameter to the spawn command, that allows to specify the ROE for the group that is to be spawned. ETA for the update will be mid-july at the earliest, though. In the meantime you will have to make do with setting the ROEs manually through CA. Cheers, Cake
  10. I haven't tested it, but it should be working. I understand that the development version of MOOSE is incremental and not a complete rewrite, so it should contain all functions present in 2.7.4 as well.
  11. Howdy, I'm happy to announce the release of version 2.3 of Gamemaster_Functions, paired with new version 2.1 of Gamemaster_Templates. The main update to Gamemaster_Functions is the implementation of commands that utilize the drawing functionalities added with DCS 2.5.6; those only recently got pointed out to me by @Statua, thanks for that, buddy! Using the new commands, it is now possible to draw shapes of all kinds on the F10 map, using markers to define their corners. Color settings, transparency, and optional text labels can be specified in the command marker. Other than that I revamped the loop that disects the string entered into the command marker. This will make it easier to implement functions with a huge amount of parameters in the future. The update to Gamemaster_Templates only adds templates for the new units added with DCS 2.7.1, nothing more. As usual, let me know if something does not work as it should! Cheers, Cake
  12. Damn, you had really gotten my hopes up, but I just tested it myself and the result ist still the same in 2.7.1: No matter who creates, changes or deletes a marker in MP, event.initiator is always the server host's unit, or nil, if the host has not slotted in himself, while groupID is always -1. This makes it impossible for scripts that hook into mark related events to "know" which player actually created the mark. Thanks a bunch for devoting your time, though. I appreciate it!
  13. And that's where my problem lies, in MP event.initiator for mark related events only gets filled with the unit currently occupied by the server host.
  14. Huh, i thought that quite a lot of what I read about your script sounded awfully familiar, thanks for the acknowledgement! I can't take credit for being the first one to use map markers as an input method. I myself was inspired by deadlyfishes "Through the Inferno" mission in that regard. I think I'm the first one who came up with the idea to seperate the input string into multiple parameters, and to pass them on to multiple functions, though What I find very interesting is that you've apparently found a way to return the message about the flag status only to the group through which the marker has been created. I've been trying to achieve the same without success. I will pick through your script later to learn how you did it.
  15. Hey folks, new Version 2.2 of Gamemaster_Functions is out now! Check my first post in the thread for the detailed changelog! The new Version has been uploaded to the user files. Thanks @fargo007for putting the idea for the new -func command to me. With this new function the possibilities of what can be achieved with my script have definitely been multiplied. Cheers, Cake
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