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  1. So I had taken a break from DSC for a few months and have just started playing again.  For some reason with this latest updates I can no longer place certain aircraft in the mission editor as they do not show as available.  It is affecting both Mods and purchased content.  I can't add an F-14 to any map nor can I place the A-4. Most but not all of my mod content is missing as well.  I can't find anything on the  structure to install mods changing.  Any idea what might be wrong?

  2. So I just recently started playing DCS with the Oculus Rift S. And all I can say is WOW!. While I had a expectation of being able to head track, I was expecting the graphics to basically just look like what it does with a standard monitor. What I was not expecting was that the cockpits were actually going to be 3D. This has taken the game to a whole different level.


    One thing that I wanted to share was that I was having a difficult time dealing with the interactive cockpits while in VR. I am right handed and operating my track ball with my left while in VR was a challenge to say the least. But I came across a solution to be able to easily use the VR head position as my interface method. I found a finger mouse on amazon for $16 that I could use for the mouse clicks so I wouldn't have to take my hand off the throttle.




    The mouse functionality is absolute crap but I strap it backwards to my pointer finger and just use the mouse buttons and wheel. Works like a charm so I thought I would share. BTW I get no referral or affiliate kickback from this. Just wanted to share.

  3. Yes, the procedure is:


    Normal Release


    1. Function selector switch ...... BOMBS & GM ARM


    2. STATION select switches (as desired) .... READY


    3. MASTER armament switch ..... ON


    4. Bomb release button ....... .. DEPRESS




    So i tried this and no release. It will drop bombs but not the drop tanks

  4. I have looked in the manual and tried a few searches and I couldn't find an answer to this .. Is it possible to do a selective drop of external tanks in the A-4? If so how?

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