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  1. a track showing this problem, it just happened to us. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mUzmHaAQ-FADDVBUH7Jw_gvVsdCbb-j7/view?usp=sharing
  2. This looks to work again, and that´s very good news, probably a DCS bug. Now another question, does anyone know if there´s any easy way to make the JTAC in the mission work with Moose JTAC (Function "Designate" I think it is) implementation better than with the DCS one with all the comunication proccess involved and often not getting the JTAC to lase any objective. I don´t know how to code, if I read the scripts I can get some sense of what they are for and in some how they work but I´m not even a newbie lvl in coding. I just only managed to add ships with their routing in the old Clear Field Escalation mission, but that was just mainly copy pasting lines of code, so this is my coding lvl. I was trying to use the CTLD implementation of the JTAC as well but as all the spawning units like the drone are based on a template file I don´t know how to make use of it, exactly the same for MOOSE JTAC.
  3. Tried it a bit this morning, coming from a 5600x ( 4000mhz ddr4 and 3080 10gb) a noticeable improvement in CPU frametimes of around 3 or 4ms less in Enigma server, where I used to have lots of problems in VR mainly because of over 21 ms CPU frametime. Never did a proper benchmark but it think it works quite good with DCS. I still need to try the Apache in some specific situations I've trying lately with it.
  4. Good, I have added version 1.3 to our server and for the moment everything is going ok. I will let you know through your github of any issue we could find.
  5. Sure, for the moment we are not getting any more errors. We would be really happy to beta test your new releases as they are ready if you want so I can report you this kind of error messages or any strange behaviours. I´m following your github so I´m more or less aware of what is coming next. Seriously, it´s an amazing job you are doing with this script.
  6. My squadron love this mission, is really engaging and we are really looking forward for the version in Syria. We are having a problem lately with your 1.2.2 version, after some days playing it and some restarts this is the error that the missions throws after restarting the server. I uninstalled the Hercules mod from the server and it´s not happening again. Any clue why this is happening? The Hercules it´s not added to the mission. Apart from that, this is an amazing job you are doing with this script and mission. Thank you so much!
  7. I really love this mod, it´s so useful, but it would be even better if it would be possible to re-spawn more flights after the former one have been downed or returned to the airport. I don´t know, maybe I´m missing a way to do it ?? Anyway, very good job
  8. I just one to report a problem that I´m having with the "flaming cliffs" module, I´m using the spo-15 Berzoya in the app and everytime that I get a lock and then the launch warning, the screen goes completely white and the app exits. If I only get a lock everything is fine. Any idea why could this happens. I have the scrips reinstalled form 0 since the last dcs-ufc update as I was cleaning my saved games folder. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi @deadlyfishes, first of all thank you for creating this amazing mission and all the different maps variants, we are having great times playing it in cooperative and it´s really good to train different skills. As we are a Spanish Squadron I was trying to add the L61 Juan Carlos I carrier so our Harriers would be able to use the jump jet but I´m finding some problems making it work in multiplayer, there´s no problem in single player. In multiplayer it doesn´t appear. Does it need to be added to any script for it to spawn in the mission? The mod is this one LHD JUAN CARLOS I (L61) MOD - DCS Mods - ED Forums (eagle.ru) Thank you in advance!
  10. Quest 2 here, after beginning from 0 when I introduced OTT in the equation is when the mask was not showing, maybe because I had a smaller FOV. Reset it to default and closed the app and now I can see the mask again. Now I have to try steamVR and the openVR mod without OTT.
  11. That´s so good! If you need a beta tester, just let me know!
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