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  1. Come to think about it, pilots always refer to their aircraft as "she/her" while refer to the tanker as "Mr. tanker", so it make more sense for the tanker plug the boom into an aircraft to refuel.
  2. At least in the Viper you have the speed to disengage if you get into a bad situation. If you get into a bad situation in the Hornet and trying to run away, you're most likely get caught up and swatted out of the sky like an annoy little bug. Who needs a better radar when there is AWACS in the air? At least the F-16's official name: Fighting Falcon is a majestic bird while the F/A-18 is named after an annoying little bug that everyone considers it to be a pest. All jokes aside, I love both of these aircraft as well.
  3. I’m curious, what do you do when you face better air to air fighters such as the F-14, F-15, and F-16 in the Hornet? They have a kinetic advantage over you and you can’t run away from the fight.
  4. Haha, a little trash talk is always fun. Despite that Hornet fans are winning in the poll they appear to be losing in why their aircraft is better than the Viper. I guess Hornet fans aren't as passionate as the MiG-21 fans. If you diss the MiG-21, they will try to hit back with everything they get. **Spoiler Alert** They have a nuke.
  5. Really? I thought the Viper is harder to refuel than the Hornet since boom refuelling is harder than the probe and drogue refuelling. I haven't try AAR in the Hornet yet but I can say that AAR in the Viper is not easy.
  6. I started a thread about a F-16C vs. F/A-18C a few days ago, You can find the thread here: It seems like more people prefer the Hornet. I have flown both of these aircraft but I favour the Viper slight due to its better performance and its system is easier to manage. Also, I feel that the Viper is more satisfying when landing. I'm curious, what make you favour the Hornet more beside it being a more complete module?
  7. I found myself flying the Viper more often than the Hornet recently due to the extra performance. If I want to do carrier ops, I always fly the Tomcat. However, I feel that I might be flying the Hornet more often once the Marianas map is released due to its anti-ship capability.
  8. The friendly rivalry between the Air Force and Navy: In DCS, we have the F-16C, a multirole fighter for the USAF, and the F/A-18C, a multirole fighter for the USN. Which one of these plane do you prefer more? And why?
  9. Does anyone have any tip for landing the F-16 with asymmetrical loadout? I found it pretty difficult because you need to re-trim the aircraft when your speed changes and your speed will constantly change during landing.
  10. I usually fly with 4 AIM-120C + 2 AIM-9X + 2 wing tanks loadout. The problem is that I kept the afterburner on most of the time which cost me a lot of fuel. I got this bad habit from War Thunder. And when I need to land because I'm low on fuel sometimes it can lead to disaster like this: (This happened in a Liberation sortie where I only managed to get 1 AIM-120 off before I ran low on fuel) I guess I need to remember that DCS is not just a death match and limit my after burner use a bit. As for Tacview, I haven't downloaded it yet. I wonder whether it is free since I occasionally heard someone does give away for Tacview on YouTube.
  11. One of the biggest problem I have with the F-16 is that it has poor fuel endurance. I had several incidences that I'm running low on fuel in the middle of an air to air engagement and having to disengage and RTB because I left the afterburner running for too long (I blame War Thunder for this /s). I usually run two fuel tanks so I'm wondering whether running three fuel tanks is worth it. Also, how do I when a fuel tank is empty so that I can jettison it?
  12. Interesting. I'm not sure what's the max range of the Viper's radar to detect a fighter sized target (I haven't got the time to dig through all the manuals so please don't judge me on that) but I heard from somewhere that it's around 40 nmi or so. If that's the case, the Viper might still have an advantage in air to air since it got the kinetic performance to sling an AMRAAM at 40 nmi. I'm not sure the Hornet can do that tho.
  13. I have been hearing a lot of contradicting comments about the Hornet's air to air capability lately. On one side, some people think that the Hornet cannot beat or have the ability to run away from a properly flown F-14, F-15, or F-16 in air to air engagements unless merged due to its slower speed. On the other side, some people think that the Hornet actually have an advantage in air to air engagements because of its avionics (the Hornet has the best radar, ASPJ, and a lot of tools that can give you a great SA). What do you guys think about it? Do you think the Hornet is on par with the F-14, F-15, and F-16 in air to air engagements?
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