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  1. HI, i've got an issue with launching missiles. Launching missile(spacebar) is on the trigger of my warthog HOTAS. But each time i've have to launch a missile, nothing happens. I've tried not to use the hotas to trigger "space bar to continue" message, and only to use it for missile, same Issue... I've tried Ralt+Space on keyboard nothing. And what is weird, is when i takeoff, and try to launch missile from the early beginning of the missions ==> it works! I've tried other mission, it always works also !! I'don't understand, but i've restarded 4 times M9!! i'm desperate!
  2. Hi all, We tried with a friend to play in multicrew on MP server, and each times my friend enters as cdb into a hot h/c, the engine start to decrease as if we start the shutdown procedure (but everything is visually ok in the aicraft) Is that an issue or a bug? We can see in different post that it seems there is a specific procedure to play in multicrew(enter in cold, press geo/utm and then enter), Is there a document somewhere to describe the procedure? is it possible to enter in an hot aircraft ? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Stone sky, You're right, it's a matter of feeling and we all have different expectations and everybody should find what is looking for to have a great campaign. First, in your campaign, we feel that a plenty of work have been done around the scene under our feet, because there is a lot of good and innovative idea. Personnaly, what is missing is diversity and mainly for all the thing i discussed before, because everybody has to find his way. A hard work has been made on scenario, but too heavy on the radio comms and linearity from my point of view. I love the gazelle because of its light way of flight, its agilty, i love to make the dragonfly through the building/trees/terrain topology and always 3 m above the ground. So i love to play with its strengthness with ambush, scout and versatilty. Because of the low/medium range of its weapons, you need to go into the lethal range of targets, that leads to intense approach and careful progression, so i'm quite disapointed when every mission looks like a school bus tour. From my opinion, what is a great campaign (i mainly have all missions aroung m2K, gazelle, F18), you need : -Feeling to progress into action, but also into your way to control your aircraft : so it's a great feeling of achievement to begin a mission with stuffs that you're not sure to achieve, and finally you quit and can say : "i did it!" Not to hard, but not to easy -Unexpected : it's always great to have unexpected actions... you begin a mission with a mindmap of what to do, and suddenly something happen and you have to reorganize your mind how to deals with those new elements/objectives : great feeling of achievement also -time increase intensity : mission that last, increase the feeling that you have to do the things well -Technicity : finding a way to get further than the common use that you can find into the manual or on youtube tutos of your aircraft and functionnaly I don't say that every mission should match with every listed topics, but if each mission have one pinch of this items, it's just the flavour of pepper that you end a mission with a lot of sweat of satisfaction I hope you didn't take my words as aggressive comments, it's my point of view about my love for DCS. Nevertheless, thanks for your work and the way you want to share with us the way YOU love DCS! Don't hesitate if you want more feedback to your future creations! A.
  4. accepted as assumed ou agreed? Nevertheless, same comment for mission 7 and 8... nothing to do, even helos formation was a good idea, but ended in accelerated time....
  5. Hi Stone Sky, just a quick feedback on the almost done MAD campaign on the Gazelle. I'm a very big fan of the Gazelle, and when the MAD Campaign has been available i didn't waste a second to think before dowloading a new campaign taking my favourite Helo as main protagonist. I just finished the 6 first Missions and i'm quite disapointed because, i do not deny that there is a scenario, it must have taken a lot of work to build those missions, but there is nothing to do! On the first 6 missions, the only skills you need to have is taking off, hearing the radio comms(optional), following the nadir, and land! The only task is carrying guys from point A to point B, even when a lot of actions is taking place on ground, your just have to hear radio as if you're just spectators of the action. So when you spent hours to improve your skills with an aircraft and come to those missions, you feel like playing MSFS! I would have hoped more technicity, action and fun! I hope that the 4 last missions will be more exciting and orgasmic so i will not regret the 11 bucks (very expensive comparing to many campaign i bought and that procure much hours and much funs for less) I'll keep you informed.
  6. I finally found out what was going wrong. Something into the "d3dx_user.ini", and previous settings. I made a full repair, and delete the current file, and start with a empty one. And it works. I've tried to reinstall the previous one, and the issue reappeared. Here is my file, if you want to investigate. So thanks for your support. A. d3dx_user.ini
  7. additional info : I made test with a full repair and only your mods (no simplex mods neither open fsr) (and also deleting metashadders2 and fxo directories into saved games) : same issue Do you think it can come from Nvidia settings? (dcs settings are quite common)
  8. Hi lefuneste, Do you really want a track file? I do not really use a mission, i use a self made freeflight mission, do you want this one? But i checked, and it appears on every mission i try. The only mods i have installed : -Open fsr -Simplex v2.31 -Barthek mod terrain causasus and syria Nvidia drivers 512.15 Please find two examples with external and internal sharpen options. A.
  9. hi lefuneste, yes, i know the troubleshooting doc very well yes same issue into external and internal sharpen option. I've tried to play with settings of sharpen when i decrease a lot the value, i can distinguish the game but everything is in exceedance as if i have only 4 colors. No problem, i'll wait the next release, everything is playable without sharpening (and other function works)
  10. HI Lefuneste, I just installed the new version, and i've got an issue with sharpening options. As long as i activated it, i've got a white screen as if everything was overload. I've tried to reinstall from scrash by making a repair, and starting from a brand new d3dx_user.ini, same issue. here is some screenshots, with and without sharpening activated.
  11. i've tried to play with mobile asw... that leads to a permanent transparent white stripe and fps drop... known as a compression issue i returned back to the previous settings and everything returned to normal
  12. yes i do, but in your question i can guess it seems that it's not usual. that's already a part of the answer i'll investigate and find some clues into trackfiles
  13. Hi all, I've got a stupid question. Actually i play a lot on PVE MP serverlike 4YA, that leads to many T/O-Landings- rearm-T/O. and quite often, the stores menu is stuck after rearm. And i'm not able to reconfigure the new weapons or use them (like AGM154/AGM88). I don't know if it's a bug or if it's the consequence of something wrong i could have done. Other question in this state, is there a procedure to reset/reinitialize the weapons configuration? (I've tried to launch tests in the store section of bit menu, but it doesn't solve the problem). Has anyone an idea or suggestions? A.
  14. I made some tests and this afternoon, i was just making carrier training circuit(nothing but sea around carrier), and brutally the fps drops down from 36fps to 6-7, and gpu charge increases from 65 pc to saturate to 100pc. So maybe my issue is coming from an non-understandable increase of gpu charge.
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