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  1. It's ok for basic screen navigation but I'd say sadly it it's a little too clumsy for cockpit use.
  2. Thank you. Yes, I do plan on upgrading the base at some point and will be considering a centre mount. There's a printing plan for one which specifically attaches to the Poang. Working on that at the moment. I'm waiting on a few parts (clamping knobs etc) but the woodwork is mostly done. Once the 4 main parts are complete, my estimate is around 3-4 minutes to assemble or disassemble. I'll time it once done.
  3. It's a trackpad to make life a little easier in VR.
  4. Thanks very much for that and yes, I'm currently looking at the WarBRD!
  5. I've spent a few hours converting an Ikea POÄNG to something which I hope will serve well for DCS purposes. I still need to implement the mechanism for the detachable rudder pedals. The side panels for the HOTAS are mde from plywood and are removable. There are 2 Buttkicker Mini LFE's under the seat using the Simshaker sound module. The chair has integrated cabling (3 USB extensions and speaker cable) running to a project box for easy connection to the PC. This is being used for VR purposes. I'm happy with how it's turning out and may add another vertical side panel with some rotary encoders at some point.
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