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  1. ^ This is quite close to my situation. Hey everyone, I've also just quite recently discovered DCS (through a Gamestar video with the YouTuber Rakuzard). I did a few training sessions with the Su-25T but what I really want to fly are helicopters. A bit of a research later I thought the Huey is perfect for me. But I had the hardest time to fly it. I'm completely new to flight sims so that definitely plays into it but even after reading the manual front to back, reading Chuck's guide, doing the official and some YouTube training missions, and of course just flying around randomly for a few hours I never felt like I flew that thing in a controlled fashion or improved my skills. I gave the Ka-50 a shot and this time it clicked. I haven't yet had a crazy amount of time to learn how to fly it but it immediately flew so much easier than the Huey. I really enjoy it and am looking forward to flying it much more. At some point I might go back to study the Huey but I think it's too hard for me as a beginner.
  2. This is from the newsletter. Seems like Steam users won't benefit from the new free trials.
  3. Hey cfrag, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm just starting out in DCS, so I've hadn't had the chance to fly your missions but I'm sorry that you got negative feedback on your hard work. 200h is a huge amount of time and effort and it's sad that the missions are no longer available. Wishing you all the best!
  4. I will try to get it on a sale. It'll be a bit still till I buy the module, there's a chance I get it for a discount during the Steam summer sale. That's good to know. Thanks for your reply!
  5. Thanks, everyone, for the advice! This is a very helpful community I know about Chuck's guides, I'm using the Huey one already. Such a high quality user contribution is quite amazing. With the Huey I obsessively tried to first learn everything about it before I really fly it and so now have much more hours on guides, video, manual than flying. When I get to Ka-50 I will definitely have to approach it with a different strategy.
  6. Thank you all for your replies! They helped me a lot. I guess in this case I will get BS2 sometime soon and then update to BS3 once it releases. P.S: My god, the BS2 manual has over 500 pages (manual for Huey has 170). I guess it will take me a long time just to read the manual.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm completely new to DCS. Just discovered it a month ago and this is my first post. I hope my questions weren't answered somewhere on the forum already but I couldn't find any previous posts about this. I bought the Huey and I want to learn how to fly it properly (or at least so that my landings don't look comical and I could hover properly) which will most likely take me a few weeks still. But I'm pretty certain I will then go on to buying the KA-50 module. Now as I understand it the Black Shark 3 module will replace the BS2 sometime this year. My questions: Will all BS2 content (paid or user-submitted missions, campaigns, liveries, etc.) automatically be available for the updated module or do the content creators need to update the content manually? How was it in the past with other updated modules? Does the BS3 module completely remove the BS2 module in the sense that you can't play BS2 anymore in DCS once you own BS3? I read somewhere, probably in the newsletter, that BS3 will be offered at a substantial discount to BS2 owners. Do you know from experience with other module updates how much of a discount can be expected? Is it at all reasonable to expect that buying BS2 now (at Steam currently 47€) and then buying BS3 at the discount would cost only as much as buying the new module? Thank you very much for your help in advance!
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