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  1. Hi, A doubt has arisen for me, I expose it. You have to make a mission, for which you carry enough fuel... but due to mission circumstances you spend more fuel than estimated (an aerial combat, you have to make several passes on the target,...). With that you spend more fuel than estimated, and you can't go back to the original air base. It must be said here that you acomplish to do the mission In those moments you have two options : make an Aar, or land on another base. If you land on another base, does it count as fulfilled? Do you have to land on the intended base? Can you land on another base, refuel on land and go to home base? What is the best option
  2. it is not my case, I do not play in multiplayer, since due to an illness, my hearing was very damaged, between that and the language in public servers, it is usually English, it is not my native language, Spanish ... They make it very difficult for me to play multiplayer ...
  3. Hi, i have installed beta 2.7.4, but think there is a 2.7.5 beta version.... How update to them? Thanks
  4. Hi, after doing some research, I have been able to do it with a batch file (.bat), a renamed txt cd /D "C:\Program Files (x86)\Thrustmaster\TARGET\x64\" start TARGETGUI.exe -r J:\Hotas_Warthog\DCSF18_TSE.tmc cd /D "D:\Helios\Helios Virtual Cockpit\Helios" start ControlCenter.exe cd /D "D:\DCS Beta\bin" start DCS.exe exit several things must be said: - The Track IR can be configured to load when windows are started with a specific profile. - The routes are where I have installed the programs - I have changed the name to the Helios executable, to remove the space, since it gave me problems in the * .bat With this batch file, all the programs I use with DCS are executed, it is not the most "elegant" way, but it is working for me.
  5. Congratulations, a masterful response. It has solved many doubts... Thank you
  6. That seemed to me... That there are weapons and systems that are not dealt with in training missions... And in the download area... Are there easy missions to use weapons and systems that you don't see in training? Radar and submodes, for example...
  7. hi, After trying various softwares, I have ended up in TARGET, in the Script Editor ... but I have a question. At the moment it is quite tedious to launch the DCS, since the steps that I follow are: 1- Launch the Track IR software 2- Check that you have loaded the profile for DCS and that it works. 3- Run TARGET Script editor 4- Load the profile for the DCS 5- Compile the profile 6- Run the profile 7- Open Helios 8- Load the profile for the touch screen ... 9- Finally, after a long time .... Launch DCS. It was to see if some of these steps, there was a way to execute them automatically, since they are repetitive and I always do the same ... Or ... how do you do it? (I suppose something similar will happen to you) Thanks
  8. And what's the reason why you can't see what the Mfd's show? And that you can't save this setting
  9. Hi, In the Dcs F18 module, is it possible to change the default settings of the Mfd's depending on whether you are in Nav/Ag/Aa? Why do I want to do this? I 'm using Helios, with a 7-inch touchscreen, right now, I have it set to look the right MFD... But that I can see easily in the view of the cabin. The one I have the most trouble seeing, is the central one that is out of the normal view... The idea would be that that MFD, was the one you see on the touch screen with Helios, and with which I can interact easily, with the tactile screen That's why I wanted to change what you see by default in MFDs, depending on the mode... Since I'm interested in seeing the radars on the touchscreen, in Ag/Aa modes and the Hsi in Nav mode. Having to change it every time you change mode is little fun and involves a time that in a combat situation you don't have Thanks
  10. thanks to the information given by @Lange_666 With the information that @Lange_666 has given me, I am making some posters to know what the real name of the button is and what it is called in TARGET ... At the moment I only have the one for the F18 Joystick, when I will post the Throttle Warthog. If you see any error, or improvement, tell me and I will correct it
  11. Hi, Someone could tell me what they are "called", or where I can find them (in the manual I have not seen them), the buttons of the Thrusmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick (f18) and Throtte. To be able to use them with TARGET SCRIPT EDITOR Thanks
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