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  1. Does the new DM affect the AI when flying the player-flyable WW2 planes? If so, what effect does it have on the AI? I've just been testing out a simple dogfight three times against a rookie FW 190 A9, deliberately very slowly damaging it using a spitfire, then leaving it for a bit before applying more damage and it played out the same each time: -quickly caused holes in wings and right undercarriage dropped, -some smoking, seems to be very consistent with amount of damage -Loss in airspeed due to damage (I think this is new?) I didn't see any loss in control though e.g. wobbling, losing control, always turning the same way. The AI just flew lower and slower. I also didn't see any additional damage over time e.g. smoking getting worse, engine stopping, fire starting by itself, structural failure etc. The only way to get the enemy to bail/kill them was to destroy their plane completely; I couldn't rely on doing serious damage then waiting it to get worse/for them to crash. Take this with a huge grain of salt though as I've not been playing DCS for ages so this was just a test to see if single player DCS WW2 might be worth jumping back into ( I hope so!): What do you guys think about the new DM in single player?
  2. I mostly got vkb due to how I thought the damper would provide the best setup for helicopters in DCS. What would be the best setup for a helicopter in DCS (e.g. no springs?) although I have to admit i have never flown a helicopter in real life so I need help here? So... what would be the best setup for a vkb joystick for helicopters, and how would this differ from a real helicopter cyclic? The second part is important as this is the info I don't know (besides force feedback) :-)
  3. I assume this is normal but posting as I can't see anyone else mentioning it: I am getting 30-50% less fps for this plane than the F/A-18C and I'm surprised as I'd assume they'd have the same codebase/cockpit detail etc. I was interested in getting it but this could be a major issue as in VR it's unplayable for me. Are other people also getting much lower fps in this plane? Thanks!
  4. I have the F/A-18 but haven't played with it much as I'm not a fan of working around things missing from early-access. Now it's been out for a while I thought I might start learning it... What missions/roles/navigation/ordnance can it perform where all of the features exist? Thanks
  5. The DMT has always worked fine except for my last mission and I wonder if anyone knows why. On the ground I happened to fire up the DMT in TV mode: it showed a black background and a crosshair with a square in it. Never seen that before... Up in the air i can't activate the TV mode at all. Sensor select aft selects INS (i checked the binding is correct) and nothing else on repeated presses. my loadout is AGM-65Gs, sidearms and the DECM pod if it matters. master arm is on and I'm in A-G mode. I've tried turning the DMT on and off but no difference. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. I can't duplicate it now either using the 65Gs - the other thing changed is my video drivers have been updated so that may have solved it.
  7. Thanks - that was probably it. Now I check I have TDC enabled it seems to work!
  8. Practising self lasing GBU-12s with the targeting pod on the PG map using the through the inferno user-made mission. I set the laser code to 1688, fire the laser at the target. Have A/G mode set, master arm is on, selected the GBU-12s, fusing mode set to T IN and it all looks good (I get distance and time to target) but no CCRP vertical line. Any idea what this means, or what I've likely got wrong? Thanks
  9. I think I've confirmed this is a harrier bug: on the caucasus map, if I fire two agm 65d's, then try to slew a agm-65g, the moment I try to slew it it crashes.
  10. I think I've confirmed this is a harrier bug: on the caucasus map, if I fire two agm 65d's, then try to slew a agm-65g, the moment I try to slew it it crashes. This seems completely consistent for me: Is anyone else seeing this bug?
  11. I've reported it here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=209414 but just posting here so Razbam see it, since this is might be an issue with the Harrier. Symptom: After firing two mavericks on the PG map, when I try to slew the third maverick, the game crashes every time. I have not tried this on another map. Can any other player try to duplicate this please?
  12. Thanks - I've updated my graphics drivers and still have the same issue. The crash also happens in a mission another person created. Same symptoms: Harrier on PG map, fired two mavericks. crash when I start to try slewing the third one on.
  13. Yes, I originally had those settings. I was just playing with visible range so gave another fps figure for the low setting. I agree high is probably the best compromise though. Civilian traffic I'm not that bothered about but I've tested it carefully several times and do not see any difference at all to my framerate even though I'd have expected my pc to be cpu limited.
  14. I have the default VR settings with the following adjustments: Visible range: Extreme Global cockpit lighting: On Supersampling: 1.2 Trees visible range: 100% Civilian traffic: high (this setting make no difference to my fps whether I have this off or high, yet I'd have thought my system would be CPU limted). This seems to give me 45 fps everywhere (with ASW) on any map except over Dubai: There I get a very consistent 22-23 fps, or 30 if I reduce the visible range to 'low'. My PC is an i5-2500k overclocked to 4.7ghz, 1080 overclocked by 200 Mhz clock and 300mhz RAM, and 16 GB of 1600Mhz RAM. So it's not that new but it still decent. Is anyone getting much better framerates over Dubai?
  15. I have a very consistent crash in a test mission in persian gulf flying the harrier. It is over a small town on the east coast (Shiran?). I fire two AGM-65Ds at two WW2 tanks. Both hit. When I try to slew the next missile onto a target the game crashes, every time. I am in active pause the enitre time (still learning!) Log files attached, thanks for any advice :-) dcs.log-20180524-205157.zip
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