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  1. hellow it posible to export models from flaming cliffs 1 to dcs (ka-52....bases...)
  2. me to buttons 1 2 works but controller not
  3. I need marks on indicator for rwr circle to appear?
  4. Hi all ded (bios) not showing new pages hmcs,bul....? Any help pls
  5. new ded pages not showing on dcs bios devise all old ok any tips thx
  6. GO, NOGO, DISPENSE RDY STATUS lights not working stable and open beta update of stable ver didnt help
  7. no animation no code handle didnt have model number
  8. From the control reference: DcsBios::Switch2Pos seatEjectHandle("SEAT_EJECT_HANDLE", PIN); thx but didnt work on f-16
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