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  1. Could you try wiping out all activation data in Windows registry. For it run the following reg file and confirm you want to apply changes. http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/delete_all_activation_data.reg The disecribed issue does look strange. Please let us know the result of the suggested solution.
  2. We do recognize an issue with BS1 S/Ns. We are looking into it. S/Ns will be issued as soon as we find out the cause. They should appear on their own in My payments. We shall notify here and in the support tickets. Currently we have tickets 16034, 16047, 16064 on this issue. If you experience it, please post here your support ticket number. BS1 S/Ns will be issued to all customers encountered this issue. It doesn't matter if you submitted support ticket or not. Please excuse us for the malfunction.
  3. I cannot suggest anything straight off. You wrote you have version in the ticket. Could you install the latest 1.2.0 and check dust there. Please in the first run use default settings. To install 1.2.0 first install DCS World: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?scr=product&ProductId=21&end_pos=137&lang=en Then DCS A-10C module: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?scr=product&ProductId=8&end_pos=136&lang=en
  4. It's different issue. There is a fix for it: http://files.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/206863/
  5. Tez


    Could you try the following: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/faq/Win32
  6. You're right. I always thought about websites as of the assemblage point. But the most weight is on forums. Most people start their evening DCS web journey on forums and end there. Solution for us is to follow the community. Yet most of newbies start from websites. It's a matter of a balance then. We need more crosslinks between forums and websites. I do admit, there is often a delay between product release and instructions/documentation how to handle the new product.
  7. The account mess appeared only because of new login logic when one has to have all his serial numbers on one account. Newcomer shouldn't encounter any issues here.
  8. It's pretty difficult to imagine how our solutions' logic looks to a newcomer. We are constantly working on it. I mean each new clarification, note, statement on the same matter is better than the initial. See yourself: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/faq/Multiplayer/ I see nothing is missed there. Regarding an account. Hm.. m-m.. I did always think everybody surfing the Internet knows it. If you mean account of what? Eg. in forum announcement word account appeared for the first time together with word website. I'm confused. In other games there is just an account. I don't mess with it, I just login and that's all. Why the newcomer would have such questions with DCS?
  9. Карбюратор для V-1650-Х Пропеллер: что-то меня крутит... У меня давление... Двигатель внутреннего сгорания И как с этим вообще можно летать прямо? Летные характеристики DCS P-51 Реализм и помощники Пилотаж
  10. I understand what you mean. I'll move discussion to somewhere else now.
  11. Could you explain it. Official Updates is filled only by the developer team. I think I got it. You mean comments are enabled for the "news". The workaround is News section on the website.
  12. Руководство пилота к Черной Акуле 2 ещё не готово. Как только – сразу выложим.
  13. Go for it! I do watch your posts on the issue. Since you're among of few people who miss a bought CA on website account. We're collecting data to find the cause. Please include transaction code/ID in the ticket.
  14. Ответ неутешительный. Мы в принципе не меняем русские версии на другие локализации. Обратного обмена мы также не делаем. Раньше мы такой обмен производили. Примерно с год как мы перестали его делать. Что можно сделать. После того как выйдут русские DCS World и ЧА2 – установить русский DCS World и поставить на него русский модуль ЧА2. Будет две инсталляции DCS World: русская и английская.
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