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  1. I 've been practicing Zuni for anti-tank work in AV-8B N/A. That is one hell of a weapon. A single hit takes out a T-55. But I have to get way too close for effective work. Way inside effective range of all sorts of nasty heavy MG and cannons on BTRs, BMPs, ZSUs. In real world, assuming similar performance and slant distance from launch to tgt, aviators using Zuni against armored targets must have had severe pucker factor rolling onto the target. THere is a laser guided version of Zuni that is cleared for any platform that carries the quad launcher. Would be nice to have a laser Zuni. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zuni_(rocket) Zuni is basically a sidewinder airframe without guidance, folding fins only, and AG optimized warhead. In DCS AV-8B it is really powerfull weapon. IMHO, a ZUNI to a HarrierII is what an AGM-114 Hellfire is to AH-64 and AH-1. One good hit kills a tank.
  2. Plus replaces ARBS with APG-65 radar (from F/A-18C). To give HarrierII some serious AirAir punch with AIM-120B/C/D and radar quieing for AIM-9M/X. F/A-18C/D/E/F definitely carry Harpoon, so it is likely that HarrierII + can carry Harpoon. But we have N/A with ARBS, which is for CAS and strike mission. But DCS AV-8B also has TPOD, which should be able to provide targeting solution to Harpoon with some stadoff. Emphasis on should, I don't know if it actually does, or if Marine aviators on N/A train for that mission, in real world. If anyone knows of what anti-surface missions that RN FAA and RAF Joint Force Harrier squadrons trained and tasked with, please post.
  3. Is IR Cool switch to cool IR seekers in Sidewinders also cools AGM-65G as part of its spinup weaponprep? Or is IR Cool strictly for AIM-9. Keeping there is no IR cool in A-10C, as far as know.
  4. HarrierII's inboard pylons carry a huge tanks. Harpoon with its pylon is about the same size. Given sensor fusion and offboard sensors, targeting information would come from another set of eyes. So it is plausible, however I don't know for certain, and go with whats available. Marines are part of Navy. Anti-surface warfare is part of Navy's mission. It would not be a surprise if Marine Harriers have a contingency anti-surface mission, and train for it. Do actual Harrier squadrons have a anti-surface tasking in a given OPPLAN? I don't know. But it is an interesting mission. Especially in littorals, against smaller surface combatants. Two Harriers launching launching 4 -65F/G, or Harpoons can put a Molnya or a Grisha on the bottom or out of fight for good. During Operation Preying mantis(1988), A-6E armed with various anti-surface weapons put a bunch of Iranian fast boats and small combatants on the bottom. Feat that was repeated three years later during ODS with Iraqi missile corvettes. Navy's SH-60R Seahawks carry AGM-119 Penguin IR/imaging seeker anti-surface weapon (brevity Bruiser). In regards to DCS; AV-8B, Sidearm is a weapon that was marginal, not that many were converted from old Sidewinders, and those stocks were used up long time ago. Probably even before 1990's. Getting back to DCS World. In DCS A-10C, I have engaged Molnyas and Grisha's with -65G. First G impact disables Molnyas air defense, second sinks it. If one 65G hits and Molnyas air defense guns go silent, sink it with a long cannon burst. Lovely time. Harpoon packs more anti-ship punch then IRMAV , and is longer ranged.
  5. Thank you. My first though was that it is KJ's precursor to Oxcart, called SUNTAN. SUNTAN would use two midwing or wingtop ramjets or even theoretical scramjets powered by liquid hydrogen and LOX supplemented by air-breather intakes at high Mach numbers. Then I wondered if Brits were on that programme , and this was in RAF livery for some purpose.
  6. Is the most vital peice of equipment equipment when landing in crosswind, and VSTOL in any wind condition. Without it it is so easy to flip this bird. If it hit the ground with sideslip it becomes are kite on the ground, where one part of airfoil ha stalled, and otherone is getting all the lift. Then it flip_flop like freshly caught Karp. Such an insidious problem.
  7. Static AV-8B model missing main gear. It looks weird sitting on its front gear and outriggers, without main gear.
  8. I see, if I understand you right, having developers monetize minor expansions creates a 'online game token charge' where people use money to purchase cheats. It becomes addictive, especially in minors or immature adults. OK, maybe. But it also opens doors for creativity and expansion of DCS sphere with well developed munitions and avionics, instead of Online community cheats. For example, availability of JHMQS and AIM-9X variant, for Harrier. Replacement of Litening TPOD with Sniper/XR. There is an online DCS Mirage 2KC centered virtural squadrons. They have modded, I guess through LUA, for their DCS: M2KC to carry IRIS-T ASRAAM, AIM-120C. Munitions that are unavailable in stock DCS. I have no clue whether IRIS-T and ASRAAM have plausible RW performance, or their Mirage launched AIM-120C has similar performance to DCS stock AIM-120C.
  9. How hard would it be to have a 'Label' display option as a colored point only without text clutter. A new label color for civilian. noncombatant, and unauthorized targets. I do not view labels as, in DCS we are operating under reduced resolution from RW 20/20 retina , limited by monitor resolution.
  10. No single type fight alone, and mixed types are common for a strike package , mixed type flight, mixed type wingmen. Would be nice to be able to set a different type from self, as wingman, and as 2nd elements. Example. 4 ship CAS/Strike/on call formation. A-10C flight lead with three Av-8B AIs. Player is A-10C. Being able to task 2nd element AV-8Bs AI to attack enemy armor at A-10C SPI. Not in Mission Editor but in real time via Communications options. If this something that is enabled in Combined Arms, I may consider getting that module. Thank you.
  11. AV-8B is capable of carrying Harpoon and JDAMs. Those weapons are already in DCS. Would be nice of RAZBAM or 4th party to make those weapons available. Might even be worth a price of extension module, like NS430, but for weapons.
  12. Aside from Bingo call. THere needs to be a DCS wide, communication command "State" or "Say State". Which commands AI wingmen to report their fuel state and time remaining to flame out. Similar command for "Stores" , though that can be circumvented by F2 visual inspection of flight's aircraft.
  13. Well, after reviewing the landing , aircraft config, and a/c attitude, it appears that my VV was a little high, causing a bounce. It is the bounce, combined with ground effect turbulence and exhaust gases that is , most likely, causing asymmetric lift within GE. Assuming that GE turbulent air flow is modeled. Optimal a/c attitude I am striving for, at moment of touchdown, to avoid bounce, is; Fwd KIAS < 10 kn relative to landing area. <3 on ship. Ideal is between .1 and 1 kias VSTOL Master Mode aircraft tail & wing HUD symbol " -^- " is on 0 pitch , aligning the bicycle gear for 2pt td. VV <=1 m/s Flt path " -o- " little lower then 0 pitch ladder on td aimpoint. A/C heading such that weather vane is aligned into wind. Gross weight: Stores expended, allowing bring back of AIM-9M X2, GAU-12, TPOD, DECM pod, wing tanks empty, rds <100 TOT fuel: < 1000 lbs. H20: <400
  14. Hey guys. So I am doing a near vertical land into wind. Weather vane nicely pointed into wind and aligned with a/c. With very slow fwd speed and vv within safe limits, as soon as aircraft touches, I retard throttle down quickly. THe a/c then inexplicably, to my anyway, starts to tip on its side. I am wondering where my control inputs is doing this. Track is attached. Amazing sim! AV_8B_VSTOL_recovery_intoWnd.trk
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