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  1. Dear Virtual pilots. whenever I do repair installation it always downloads 1.6mb, its will then install it and give the update was applied succesfully, however if I try to repair the game again it will again redownload the 1.6mb and will continue in this loop. I cant figure out how to fix this, because it wont actualy apply it I cant join certain online server. the only thing that has worked for me yet is to reinstall everything but that a pain in the arse
  2. I found the solution myself, as you can see in the first screenshot this is called a TRIGGERED ACTION, to make this work you also have to make a trigger
  3. I'm trying to create a mission where you get escorted by 2 F16's however when they takeoff they just go on their own way, they wont go towards me so that they can escort. this is the task I have given. this is what they decide to do. I'm above POTI and they are below BATUMI Am I missing something here?:helpsmilie:
  4. The only thing that comes up to mind is reinstalling, but I suggest waiting and see what other people might come up with. Sorry i could not help you.
  5. As you said that you came back after a long brake I would suggest running the repair tool and update tool
  6. I've been watching some youtube video's with dcs footage and loads of them have this cinamatic style of camera angles, positions and movements How does one achieve this I also feel pretty dumb asking this
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