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  1. Thats the the one,,so if these guys use 4 misiles thats it or do thay get re-supplied??, not that it matters, now iv been told how to con-fig my own A10...loads of MAV's ..he he Dodger
  2. As for the training video I watched and it s on the forum somewhere I downloaded it, & I cant locate it again but he clearly went looking for something that fired at him at 10,000ft 4 times, prehaps it was'nt a sam ?? do SAM's have more that 4 missiles was it that little bugger in the corn feilds..lol does he only have 4 missiles
  3. Well done that man..Again ...that looks good to me I currently have nothing assigned to that button i'll try it to-nite a10 campaigne 2nd mission...thanks again man regards Dodger
  4. It's the view when the pilot looks out cockpit I was watching a A10 training video where he went looking for a sam site to make it fire on him Just to give his position away..(can you belive that) after the sam fired 4 times he went in and took it out.. but i'll copy these controls and try them ....thanks again
  5. Nice one my freind thanks for the quick responce ...its a bloody good game is it not Regards dodger. .....Ps its proberbly out there somewere but can you point me dir: to ingame zoom probs cant map in profile
  6. Hi having now stopped the reds in there 1st advance (A10 mission campaigne) it would be easyier to twatt the little bastard in the corn feild if I had more infra red mavs. As a newbie with out a working zoom( in or out) I realy need that one for the shuika I had to land 4-5 times lol to re arm 1 can we arm ourselves before take off ( i'd like to go with nothing but Mav's ) I love watching the kills on the (tele Screen)..lol
  7. Well thanks to Konkussion's documents last night saw me fly stright though the 1st campaigne battle with full controll & my own profile ..But thanks for your time & advise
  8. I'm sorry I have 2posts same subject.. I have just printed off your siateck config plan i like the way you write & your humor and i'd like to thank you, for what must now be the answer to my probs I think i will stay with the a10 and might well come looking for one of you profiles......thanks for beeing there regards Dodger
  9. OH yes!! this is it just what mine is doing ......thanks guys
  10. Guys last night after install of game and 1.1 patch (original lock-on) It would not let me reconfigue keyboard or X45 joystick, the game runs real smooth but I cant control plane very well rudder keeps wondering left then right even when i changed all buttons from keyboard to joystick nothing altered, What am I doing wrong....... Regards Dodger
  11. Newbie Question Thanks for that m8... are you sure about flameing clifes?? its taken me 2yrs to install the original after so much pain 1st time round the forum seems to have its fair share of prob's with F/C ps can you tell me what is track ir is do I need it??
  12. Guy's I loaded my original Lock-on last night and sat through the training A10 again 1) can I put the 1.12 ..on 2) how do I config my X45 Regards Dodger
  13. Thanks for that info guys just been looking at the movie site!! unbelievable!! I have upgraded now guys to xp 2.8mhz cpu, ati256, 1gb ram, and like advise given to a newbie earlyer I to trained on the A10 only in between the C TDT even compleated 1st campagne battle but just blue screened on start of 2nd, I'll stayed tuned from now on see how it go's thanks again Dodge...out
  14. Hi Guys looking through the forums it seems theres still a lot of prob's with this game. I boxed mine back up after 3mth of trying 2 yrs ago when I blamed my old 1.8mhz AMD G-Forse 2 agp 256mb for its crashes and lack of control even after I bought the NEW X45 ( Telling her indoors it was a must have). But some of you stuck with it & your pic look great (I take my hat off to you all) IF I try again later to-nite 1 What patches in what order should i use and from where 2 will I need a profile patch for the X45 ( something I remember down loaded???i think any help for this ageing Pilot Regards...Dodger_jnr
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