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  1. im brand new to lock on and one of the reasons i dont play online is the fact i never know where i am. i like the il2 map where it shows your plane, friendly airfields and the front lines (dont think lock on has these?) this gives me the chance to search for the enemy or if they find me escape to friendlier skies. I dont knwo abotu all this cheating using the map but once they have noted ur location wont it of changed by time they are in the skies?
  2. thanks for the quick replies guys! and thank you ironhand for your training videos!
  3. one last question, when ive been hit which is normally every sortie is there anyway to turn the damage message things off? thanks in advance
  4. thanks all, ive just watched two of the training films, the strela hunt and outmaneouvering sams. Now i just have to practice, practice and more practice!
  5. this game is so much hard then il2 all i have to cope with on there is sinper gunners but they dont last long when im in a fw190 :joystick:
  6. i looked at that site but the link to modman doesnt work and im not sure how to install them
  7. thanks for all the replies guys! Just another question how do i know if a missile has been fired at me? I know the tone changes when im being tracked then locked onto, but i never know when a missile has been fired until i fell a thud and my plane going down in flames.
  8. thanks that helps a lot and thanks for the quick reply. Air to air combat is too hard for me so im sticking to ground attack to get used to the game was just looking for some more targets :)
  9. i have 1.12a, will i get to attack these in the campaign or will i have to create my own missions? thanks
  10. hi all, Im new to lock on and these forums and i was just wondering if you ever get to attack fixed positions such as bunkers or bulidings. So far ive only been attacking convoys. thanks in advance
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