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  1. Guys, I decided to build a whole new system. PSU is old and non modular. As Demon mentioned if it dies too, then I might as well build a new system. It's like old paintings of hell inside the case because of all the cables. I don't have tons of files. I can manage with a single 500GB M.2 SSD. So it's gonna be very tidy inside. Also, there's no Dual-Channel 32GB DDR3 anymore. Last I checked, DCS used up to 10GB RAM in single player. So here's my part list i7-9700K (I don't need HT as long as DCS doesn't) ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2080 OC (Not sure which one yet, MSI has versions for 100€ less) Corsair Vengeance LPX, DDR4-3000, 32GB, CL-15 (dual) Samsung SSD 970 EVO, 500GB Noctua NH-D15 Corsiar TX850M
  2. It's becoming clear. Ordered one Samsung SSD 860 EVO, 500GB Cant find Dual Channel DDR3 32GB RAM. We'll see how it goes with 16 GB for now. Next thing is, there is a wide variety of RTX 2080s. ASUS alone offers 7 different versions. I see the main difference is Boost Clocks. Is there a great difference between 1710~1740 MHz vs 1800~1890 MHz?
  3. Poor old 770 is still trying its best by delivering solid 60 FPS on HD resolution. I tried 4K resolution with Nvidia DSR to somewhat simulate Oculus Rift. That's when the 770 asked for retirement. That's a relief if GPU upgrade will be enough for now. It is cooled with a Noctua NH-D15 cooler and I can overclock it to 4.7 GHz without Hyper-threading. I runs well unless it's pushed up to %100 CPU usage. By the way, I have 2 8GB DDR3 RAMs installed. Should I go Quad-Channel by adding 2 more 8GBs or replace them all with 2x 16GB Dual-Channel?
  4. I have been away from my beloved hobby for a while now and I want to make a come back with a revolutionary upgrade for myself: Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift CV1) My budget wont allow me to build a whole new system but I consider upgrades if it would worth it. My system is: i7-4790K GTX770 MSI Z97-G43 Gaming 16 GB RAM, DDR3-1600 CL-9 120GB SSD So, I will upgrade GPU to RTX 2070 or RTX 2080 obviously. But probably 2080. Because most reviews suggest that 2070 is very close to 1080. Ti version is above my budget. Also, increasing RAM up to 32 GB and getting a 500GB SSD. (hope it's enough for all 3 maps) I will use Oculus Rift CV1 since its price is quite low. It all sounds very good but I'll still be sitting on a Z97 motherboard with a 2014 CPU. Also, my Z97 doesn't support M.2. Therefore the new SSD will still be SATA. Unless I convince myself to get a 2nd hand Z97 mainboard which supports M.2.
  5. I am supporting F-15C ASM as well. With those overwhelming power plants, integrated ECM, extensive payload... It is nothing but a thrill I own many DCS modules and all of them are great. Although, once you get the taste of ASM modules, FC3 isn't that exciting anymore. So far we have, Multi-role fighter, CAS/Bomber aircraft. Adding CAP will complete the triumvirate. Flight modeling, cockpit animation, weapon physics are already there. It shouldn't take too much effort to finish it up. What else is left to develop apart from Radar?
  6. Stick in the middle! I used stick on the right side for over 3 years until I gave it a shot in the middle. Cant go back really. For throttle, I like it's base to be at seat level (height) and not further away then seat limits (lenght) and as close as possible to my body (width). Only then, my arm feels like it's in a natural position. I am working on some modifications for my DXRacer seat but the armrest is in the way where I want the throttle is placed. If I can find an easy fix without disabling the armrest permanently I'll share it on the forums.
  7. Also seen in Interstellar and Alien: Covenant.
  8. I agree, VR is not going to pull more customers to flight sims. You know these friends who come over and you let them try. Then they ask "How do I shoot?" They'll keep playing something else. :lol: Flight sim is not about shooting. It's about managing and making the best of a machine. Engineering.
  9. I suggest a clean system reinstall because just yesterday I told to myself what a good card I still have. The GTX770 combined with i7-4790K. You have 4670K which shouldnt make a big difference. I am getting 180FPS in 1.5.7, around 120 in multiplayer with all settings high except for shadows. 2.1 is almost the same but not when around Las Vegas. I suspect 2GB RAM is not enough for the city.
  10. I remember a TM executive mentioned Hornet throttle is not likely to happen due to low number of hats and buttons on the throttle. That was his statement and it was when TWCS and TFRP were announced at a show. It must be buried in the forums now.
  11. Any news about a Hornet throttle? Or is it just the stick?
  12. A-10C is no problem. I dont even need TARGET. DCS has full support for A-10C. But when it comes to other modules like F-15C it gets complicated For example, I use MMCB for "Weapon Change" and "Cannon" when pressed long. DMS Up for "Radar Scan Size" (cycle) for these controls I need a software to work with. Currently I am using JoyToKey. But lets say F-15C Engine Start with Throttle lifting. Then I need TARGET to translate them into to keystrokes. What I wish to make all 51 buttons(also all the switches with all positions) of throttle recognizable as DX buttons. Even if it is possible to attach an Arduino controller to divide it into 2 seperate devices. Like Grip controls USB and throttle base switches.
  13. Is there a solution found already to make all DX Buttons on the throttle recognizable by system without using TARGET? I don't like TARGET. I have perfect clean system yet it's buggy. It's old and obsolete. Not user friendly. Sometimes crashes during flight. Have to restart DCS when changing aircraft. General profile isn't enough. Don't wanna spend keystrokes. Shifted keystrokes get sticky. I can count 100 more reasons.
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