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  1. Ah thanks so much! U guys rock
  2. Ah that was it! Looks like alt +: + doesn't work though, but the \ actually brought up the menu (even though its blacked out, it still works)
  3. Hey guys, Im running through the campaign and I can't seem to get the heading right... When the radio says set a heading of 18 degrees or so, I must be doing something completely off...cause when I look at my heading it's showing something completely different... Anyone have a writeup or can explain in an easy way how to read a heading?... Thanks in advance,
  4. Hey Guys- How do you reload the P-51d on the runway? I know with the A-10 you can just talk to ground crew, but doing R ALT + doesn't bring any menu up...?
  5. Anyone? :( I guess I'll have to install the older version of DCS...
  6. Hey Guys, DCS Just updated *TODAY*, and I just bought the P-51 module...but it looks like they didn't update the INSTALLER for the P-51...so it won't install in the newer DCS World folder... Any idea where I can get the latest P-51 installer file? Look like I need the P-51D installer-
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