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  1. Nice work esb77! Only improvement I can think of is having the horizontal stabilizer missing In all seriousness, very nice work!
  2. rcjonessnp175 We are doing a Su-27 portion if you'd be interested in that
  3. Server gonna be up today? I might hop on later
  4. That's pretty good, in 1989 had both Fighter Bomber and Fighter regiments, which is what we are aiming for
  5. I say let people come, play on our server and populate it, and if theyre interested, we give them the TS info
  6. (Flight 196) Tower, RTB at 900 I will never forget that line, almost have it memorized in russian, too
  7. Hey, I could see and get on the server, but due to a last minute change of plans, I had to run. Server works though, so that's good. Ill be back around 10, if you stay up that late
  8. Me and thinkr both have a TS, so we could just use whoever's is on at the time, but 7:30 sounds alright
  9. Count me in for tonight, too. Missed out on whatever happened yesterday, but be nice to fly with you guys tonight.
  10. Also, I've got a TS we can use free of charge. I believe it is 50 slots
  11. I'd love to fly with you! Now, I'll admit, i'm not the best with it, but I want to learn with it, and what better way to do that than with other people?
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