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  1. That appears to have solved the issue. I can now see the B-17 in US under Ground Attack where before I couldn't find it in any of the drop down task selections. Thank you for your time mate!
  2. Hey, Veteran of the mission editor, and never really had any issue with something as basic as adding an aircraft, but I cannot seem to add any WWII aircraft AI. I asked a mate to check and see if they were able to add bombers with no issue New mission on Normandy > WWII alliances > New aircraft > (any country) Say, US > Task should have Bomber listed, but mine doesn't. I can select some ground units fine, but air seems problematic. I have repaired the game, and rebooted PC, in a last ditched effort I am reinstalling the asset pack. Yet to see either this problem, or a solution to this problem on the net. Running 'Open Alpha'
  3. Managed to jump in and contribute - cheers for the opportunity. Hope we get some order from the chaos.
  4. Haven't been able to see the server in the list over the last 15minutes.
  5. Thanks, sorry I read the OP many times over the last day (just after 0400 local here atm) - fatigue is encroaching.
  6. What is the server IP / name, and the mission name? Also, as above, TS has reached max clients.
  7. Sorry, I forgot to thank you for the responses and advice. Got stuck into the learning curve.
  8. I cannot find a tutorial or documentation that runs you through starting this aircraft up in DCS. Does anything exist? If so, that would be awesome!
  9. I swear just a few hours ago it said 1.5 and 2.0 Now it just says 1.5.2 What is this?
  10. That has been there for yonks... waiting for a "Download Beta" link to be added though.
  11. I'm hitting the button but nothing is happening?!!??!?!
  12. Many thanks from down under if this comes to fruition.
  13. Ells, is there a shortlist (pending change) on the ordnance that is deployable from the Hawk? What can we expect to see? If this has been answered elsewhere, could you please link me. Regards, HighOrderPrimate
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