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  1. Hey guys, Bought an x-55, wanted to test it out. First one came in, no troubles for a week ( none that I noticed ), within two weeks I noticed slight reddish marks on my wrist appearing and no surprise sticktion like crazy. I've been trying to look for similar problems but none that would appear. Seems the toggle switches were leaking? Having some form of short inside them causing a continuous electric discharge? Sent it back, got a new one straight away, less than a week and again! Same problem occurs. Anyone ever heard of it? I'm not giving chances to the "3rd time's a charm", sending it back for a refund but I find it odd not being able to find anything about it on forums.
  2. In the settings within DCS you can adjust joystick sensitivity, deadzone and curvature. Allowing smoother movement at low input on the joystick giving accuracy, and giving a little more aggression towards the higher input of the joystick. As personal experience I found myself very satisfied with the Logitech 3d Pro as first purchase. My older joystick crashed continuously and was incompatible with DCS but depending on the stick you already have this might be somewhat of a downgrade. When you tend towards the higher-end sticks and pedals you will definitely see and feel much better quality ( thinking of TM Warthog HOTAS, and MFG Crosswind rudder pedals ). Is it a necessity, not that much. They offer value in precision flight, quality, feel and most profitable many more buttons allowing you to bind them all to your stick, throttle and pedals. For a new player I wouldn't really recommend going straight up to assure it doesn't end up in the closet as a regretted purchase should you not find the time or envy to go into deeper study and proficiency of the aircraft. Rudder pedals are much recommended for the flight of rotary wing aircraft ( Huey, ka-50 mi8 ) and prop planes ( p-51d, fw-190, bf109 ) If you haven't already, TrackIR is a must have giving you freedom to look around you in-game. A less pricier alternative would be the Delanclip or one home-made. My order of purchase : Cheap joystick TrackIR/Delanclip Rudder pedals High-end stick and throttle The last 2 which I purchased together as the TM Warthog does not offer twist motion making the pedals a necessary purchase. Hope this helps! :thumbup:
  3. So, summer's here and I thought a good clean-up couldn't do any harm :thumbup: Though after having re-installed DCS and FTNOIR ( The latter several times by now ) I've had a fair amount of hassle getting both of them to work accordingly. I seem to be missing the Headtracker.dll, but I'm unsure whether It's supposed to be a DCS native file ( which hasn't been restored after a repair ) or if I should get it from a third party. I did at some point download the Headtracker Binaries. I tried to put the .DLL inside the bin folder which helped ( some what ), and allowed me to use FTNoIR in Singleplayer mode. Multiplayer didn't work at all, and singleplayer "center view" assignment wouldn't work either. So now I'm back having none, considering it may be outdated? idk... Any tips? ------------------------- Fixed!
  4. Yes my paint skills are off the charts. Hope this clarifies a little what I'm trying to figure out! The first being the F-15, creating maximum distance between the flare and it's own flight path for maximum miscalculation IF the tracking system is fooled. The Su-27 from a rear aspect pulling up presents the flare between the tracking system and it'self creating maximum confusion but low displacement. From the front aspect however the flare seems useless and is just some glowing clutter appearing behind the tracked target almost invisible due to the tracking's 2 dimensional nature. Pushing on the nose in the Su-27 would create the distance, but then again... it's very unstable to do so. Seems to me like a huge flaw unless there's a specific approach I'm missing?
  5. Tried to do a little research on the matter but no specific information popped up on my key-words. So the F-15 pops flares downwards, meaning when you pull on the stick you pull away from the flares. It's purpose being to create displacement in the interception calculations of the emitting detecting system or ideally even fooling it to be the "actual" target. The Su-27 on the other hand flares from the top. In a pulling motion the flares follow a flight path much much closer to yours than when they exit downwards. My question being; doesn't this cause the potential miscalculations to be much smaller? And is this significant enough to adopt a completely different and specific set of manoeuvres that would place the flares in a more effective way?
  6. Sometimes even a lower tier, yet newer generation of tech can be more efficient, and a better "bang for your buck".
  7. If you plan on buying it at the end of the year, my best advice is don't bother looking right now. There's some good, there's some bad. This year is going to be full of technological advancement ( lets all continue to hope ). Wait and check the market only a couple of weeks in advance, and keep up with major companies IE Intel, Nvidia, AMD if they have announced any new kind of generation for the upcoming weeks. Or... just ask again on the forums and we'll give you some ideas for some sweet deals around then :)
  8. Hey guys, haven't seen any thread around, nor on youtube on my first glance so I just wanted to ask this ! What are your experiences for those of you who may have tried both, would you be willing to share impressions, experiences, give a small review in which you express pros and cons towards either. A short description of which works better in your experience? I'd like to know if either offers advantages other than "putting the time in to set it up". Do they work on exactly the same principle? Is one more prone to glitches than the other? Do they feel equally smooth? How is the software? Ease of use? Tweaking access? Setup? Resource heavy? Thank you for your time! Any information is greatly appreciated and may help folks around make a smart decision :) !
  9. I haven't flown in a week or two, but to what I recall activating ACS only wildly pitched down on me when my trim was not neutral. Other than that I've also noticed a reduced "black out" effect (red out really) in a way, yes I would black out if it wildly pitched down, but also recover a lot quicker, allowing for possible recovery at reasonable altitudes. Seems the g-load can not kill you anymore :) if it ever could *whistle* 55g maneuvers everywhere.
  10. Soo I know this takes up a post, but I just wanted to say I'm happy to see this little update! I've had my fair share of issues so I'm excited to see how this goes :) :D Good day to you all!
  11. So it's not a better cooler :music_whistling: Anyhow, I really can't hear my G1 GPU even under load. The "fan-stop" thingy is just marketing material ^^
  12. I've been looking around the VKB Mamba, but the prices even top the Warthog... There's a need for a viable stick at a lower price...
  13. That's probably because you bought it before Mad Catz came by and ruined the production line Maj_Death :) Unfortunately as of now I find no other alternative than to gather the funds for the TM Warthog. 18 pages of "problems" with the X-55 really puts me off from even considering it... I'm very disappointed none has managed to throw in a intermediate joystick without game-breaking features... Obviously MadCatz neglects the testing phase prior to massively producing their products. It's a shame... The Warthog may have it's down's but as far as I know don't go as far as breaking the game. IE ghosting.
  14. Might want to take a look at this :) as long as you are aware of the product I guess it's fine!
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