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  1. If I would set multiple monitors for my simpit, should I put one GPU card per monitor or use those via CrossFire or SLI and push the signal through one card to my monitors?
  2. I believe that there is doppler, but still it doesn't stack sound waves properly at the point, where plane is braking the barrier. Simulation code needs a bit of tweaking imho.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_barrier How come? For me it seems like it.
  4. http://www.acs.psu.edu/drussell/Demos/doppler/doppler.html This is what I'm asking.
  5. I'm not best person to solve physical problems, but it would be nice to have proper doppler and booms from breaking sound barrier.:smartass:
  6. Thank you. It seems like I used rudder to turn left and right in training mission, which seem to be same as my configures with P51-D brakes. So I have messed a bit with configurations but thank you. Seems like SU25-T gets efficient turning momentum from rotating front wheel.
  7. For some reason I can't find wheel brakes from control list of SU25-T but it uses same custom defined buttons I have set for P51-D Mustang :helpsmilie:
  8. Hey! Let's do some collaborative work and gather all checklists to this thread. So many planes are without proper tutorials, so it would be nice to have instructions easily available. Ok?:helpsmilie:
  9. I'm having problems with using "fly again" button after failed mission.:cry: For some reason it doesn't do the trick. I'm not that sure is this relevant but it occures at least with P51-D Mustang campaign.
  10. Thank you. That was very good post. Live long and prosper!
  11. What does activation limit with modules mean? Does it mean that if I make 3 fresh installs for DCS and activate modules, those modules are gone for me and I need to buy those again if I want to make new installs?
  12. Ty very much for detailed answer.
  13. Does DCS itself automatigally take cara of DCS world and modules update status?
  14. I have tried Helios but it has quite small support for modules. You can do your own profiles if you want but I don't know about that much. I have got tip about HawgTouch and what I have searched about it. it seems to have better support. Not as nice looking though and it's in beta. Can't tell much about it since I have not tested it yet. Helios is also quite pretty. Also it has buttons for quickly bringing things like weapon configuration to your screen if needed. It pretty nice afaik. HawgTouch is not that polished but like i said, it seems to have larger support for plane profiles.
  15. Why am I not getting any feed from DCS to my Helios screen? I can load P51-D profile nicely in control center but indicators are still. NVM. Didn't follow isntructions properly. Everything is fine. Thread can be deleted.
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