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  1. Got it working now. Thanks for your replys
  2. What timeout do you mean? WMR?
  3. Yes I do, I followed the guide, Did a full repair, downloaded and installed Opencomposite, openxr for WMR etc Downloaded and installed the toolkit 1.1.4. Dcs runs without steamvr and openxr says its connected etc. I got the count down message saying push ctrl F2 then it disappeared and nothing happens when i press ctrl F2
  4. Hi all, just got openxr working for me in DCS but i cant seem to open the settings menu in game. Ctrl + F2 does not do anything. Sorry im new to this. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. I believe the control you need to bind is the Hocas axis x and y in axis commands.
  6. I've just noticed but is there a new water splash effect when bullets hit water? Looks alot better than I remember the previous time I saw it. I dont recall seeing any mention of it in a changelog.
  7. I've figured it out now. I used the F16 for 5 hours on friday (post patch) with no issue. I was having some issue with the A10C 2 throttle going to off in game when I put my physical throttles to idle. I sorted that with doing a recalibration of my TM Warthog. But after i did that, I set in the options menu, Sync hotas controls at mission start. I've just switched that off and its fixed the problem with the F16. I dont know why but it has. Thanks
  8. As the title same, load into any mission and the aircraft is stuck in air 2 air mode. hitting the A2A or A2G button doesn't go back to nav mode etc
  9. +1 to this bug. DCS Completely unusual at night at the moment. Very frustrating and quite surprised thats been no mention of this from ED.
  10. A friend and I have just bought a buttkicker gamer 2 each. Can someone help with what to do with the setup please. We have it plugged in correctly but cant get it to work within DCS. We have the simshaker for aviators software. I cant find anything online to help. Thanks
  11. So I don't know if this is a bug or has been mentioned before but I was practicing a case 3 with multiple AI in the stack. I reached my commence time (on time) only to find there was AI aircraft from above me in the stack that pushed ahead of me. As I understand it, the stack is at 1000ft blocks for separation and obviously lower a/c have a sooner commence time. Also, the AI doesn't use the comms. Is it planned for this to be fixed? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the info guys. I'll do that. I always have my feet on my pedals. I have a deadzone but maybe I'll look at increasing it to allow for foot pressure.
  13. Hi all, so did some more testing. Added the trk file to show what i ment. The anti skid switch was set to off. Still did it. this happens as seen on the stennis and supercarrier. F18c wire bug.trk
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