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  1. Can we please have the parking spot at the aft of the deck to the starboard side moved, or adjusted, the AI make a beeline for that spot, and with larger aircraft like the F-14, they stick out into the landing area quite a bit, can't they go somewhere else that isn't in the way for human players?
  2. Have to report the same against APC's and IFV's. I made a mission to practice with them on the F-16, and got four good hits against M113's and BTR-80's, and there was zero damage, even if they could take a hit, I'd expect them to at least be damaged, they're not T-80's....
  3. With the upcoming apache and kiowa will there be any enhancements to the environment to look a little more lively?
  4. Not your fault, I forgot to use the quote in one of my responses above.
  5. You completely misunderstood my response. I don't think the player experience is going to be improved in any appreciable way by adding an E-2C when we already have an E-2D, and I would bet the vast majority of people would not be able to tell any difference and would not notice unless it was pointed out to them since the differences would all be behind the scenes, and that is why I would say it would be a waste of the devs time to do an E-2C when there are far more QoL improvements elsewhere that would make much more impactful changes.
  6. What do you expect the difference to actually be to you though, it's likely not worth the devs time to make it.
  7. The naysayers love to trot out that excuse, glass half full people SMH...
  8. That's not what I want to do, I want to be able to start it in the air at the beginning of a mission, have it follow waypoints, and then hit either the ground at its last waypoint, or give it a specific target to hit.
  9. Would it be possible to add cruise missiles like how we do with AI aircraft, adding them to the maps, giving them waypoints where appropriate, and their final waypoint be their target, or designate a moving target if the missile is capable of engaging moving targets. This would go some way to simulate the really long range missiles being employed in a realistic way on smaller maps.
  10. Here's the track, the Tu-160 is towards the north east, and will start releasing them shortly after it makes a slight course correction. Kh65 spiral.trk
  11. Dropping these from a Tu-160, tried it at 5000ft and 22000ft, they then start spiralling all over the place, rolling inverted, then soon after crashing.
  12. They do a sort of tumble then level out, then do another tumble as they lose altitude, occasionally they do level out, but then are flying along at about a 60 degree bank angle.
  13. Watching some vids on YT, they show a gunsight but when I try it, I get nothing, I can lock a target, and laser range find it, but I have no indication of where any of my guns are pointing in relation to that.
  14. Could we have the ability to seperate ROEs by weapons types, eg when I have a fleet of ships, I want to be able to specify that they are ROE green on all defensive weapons, like SAMs and CIWS, but control the ROE for offensive weapons entirely seperately, so they do not fire off Harpoons until I say they can, such as when the incoming missiles have all been dealt with and all the ships in the fleet are in weapons range of the other fleet. At the moment with the AI as it is, you get the odd ship firing off a Harpoon or two every now and again, effectively wasting them because they're not in a mass attack, but just a couple of them. By having different ROE for defence and offensive weapons it would be a lot better.... And no, Return fire is not what I want, because that again allows both types of weapons to be fired, which is what I am trying to avoid.
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