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  1. I am looking to upgrade also. Would the better purchase be a RTX3060 with 12GB or RTX3070 with 8 GB?
  2. Thanks, Don. I was able to get it loaded. I don't know if the controller interface seems buggy, or I it's a user error issue. I tried to set up slew control on my warthog throttle with the TDC axis command, but was not able to click on the cell. I went back later to do it and I was able to do it. Thanks for all your help!
  3. Thanks for the tip. I noticed I was having trouble clicking on the category. Will try again.
  4. I accidentally cleared the default key bindings for Hornet. I attempted to load the default keybindings by clicking on load profile then going into the Eagle Dynamics folder under Programs. It is there when I look using explorer, but it does not show up when I try to load the profile. Any ideas?
  5. While flying? Or do you mean load times? I can get a good NVMe for around $140. A SATA SSD is around $100. It would be nice to save some money.
  6. Any opinions with regard to an NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD? I have a Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 3. I guess there are impacts with regard to resources, but the only other peripherals that I have is a GTX 1060 and 500 GB SATA drive, which I will likely use for basic storage once I upgrade. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Should DCS be on the same drive/partition as the OS? I had it on a different partition and load times were very slow.
  8. I currently have a 500 GB SSD. I am running out of space. It's mainly a gaming rig. I have the OS, DCS, and Falcon BMS. I was thinking about upgrading to a 1 TB SSD drive, but noticed the Firecuda drives were a lot less. It's a hybrid SSD drive. I was thinking about upgrading the Firecuda? Or should I go with a 1 TB SSD? Would it make sense to keep the OS on the current HD and put DCS on a new drive? Any recommendations? Thanks, Blain
  9. I am probably the last person to respond as I cannot get Vaicom Pro to work either. And I purchased the license. Did you unzip the Vaicom Pro folder into the Voice Attack App folder? I maybe wrong but there is a mod that is required for DCS. Did you load that?
  10. I purchased the license version. I am a former VA 2.0 user. I only fly the F-15C. I watched the YouTube tutorial but still am not getting it. I am thinking that it is a case of user error. It seem I am able to get the PTT to work in DCS world. I press the PTT button on my Warthog throttle and I hear the radio response. I tried some basic commands like "Darkstar request picture." I am not able to get to work. Am I suppose to program a keyword for every command I intended to use, or am I not using the correct phrases? Thanks!
  11. I have the latest version of voice attack. I recently reinstalled DCS on a different drive. I added the ATC mod to DCS and I am pretty sure I changed the settings in VA to suggested ones. I would liker to use the F-15C profile but I am unable to get VA to recognize any of the commands in game and out of game. Does the 2.0 F-15C profile work with DCS? If it does, does anyone have link to a tutorial? Thanks!
  12. DEG had a tip for getting Voice Attack to recognize buttons on TM's Warthog HOTAS when it responds with "waiting". His suggestion is posted below: "I had a similar problem with getting my Warthog throttle (I only have the throttle) to work with Voice Attack. VA would work with my T16000, but not the Warthog. I found the answer elsewhere on the web. In Windows, open up the Game Controllers and select the Warthog, and look at the properties. Make sure all 32 of the throttle buttons are off (not sure what it looks like with both a throttle and a stick - you'll have to figure that part out yourself). Note: 2 buttons (29 and 30 on mine) are the throttle Off detents (took me a couple mins to figure that out). Once I set them all to Off, VA recognized the Warthog as a Joystick Option and the Test button recognized the Mic switch." Thanks Don!
  13. If I delete voice attack and reinstall it, do I need to retrain the voice engine for my voice?
  14. Hollywood, I checked the POV box for my Warthog throttle and was able to get it to recognize commands, but was not able to get it work in the game with the free version. Is there a way I can go back so I can use the old F-15 profile in voice attack. I would gladly pay for the license but I want to make sure it VAICOM pro works first. Thanks!
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