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  1. I want to create a skin for DCS A-10C, but too bad i'm a total noob on photoshop. So if anyone could provide me with any tips - links - guides on how to create a skin i would feel very obliged. I have already downloaded the A-10 template from the site and now i want to create a vietnam era skin (like HAF A-7). P.S.: Searched all over the forum but i havent found anything. Sorry if posting on the wrong section. THNX in advance!!!
  2. Ok i got it. Many limitations. Maybe after all CE3 aint good at all! Opened this thread cause i saw this... Why they ever give a licence when the game engine cant be used for? But my bad it seems... I was hust speaking "hypothetically"...
  3. Exactly!!! But some people want ground realism - detail...
  4. You mean lua script right? Yep... now we have a problem...
  5. Yep i andertand the limitations most of them have to do with "bussines anderstanding" and "money managing". But what about expanding cry engine to meet flight sim requirements? Imagine ED engine and cry engine 3 combined! Wouldn't be AWESOME?? Anyway... I hope for a future visual improvement in ground (targets, cities, buildings etc) for DCS, because air models such as Ka-50 and future A-10 ROCK!!! ED keep up the good work!
  6. Opened this thread to discuss if Crytek's Cry Engine 3 is possible to be adapted by ED and then customized to meet certain flight sim needs. Take a look here Personally i think it would be awesome!
  7. Found my problem (i think... not sure yet - 2 hours of continuous play & no BSOD). There is a conflict between TrackIR 5 & SST (SAITEK profiler) as other people reported it to me... So i uninstalled it and everything works fine!!!:smilewink: Saitek MUST update its software !!!:mad: Thanx for the help Panzertard. +++REP:thumbup:
  8. 1. No hubs (this is my headset) 2. Not yet, will try and inform... 3. Nothing else... Thanks for the help!
  9. 1. Here it is (down below)... Everything seems fine 2. Tried to fly without TrackIr everything was normal (cant use simutaneously both TIR 5 & joystick). V4 software supports TIR 5 although i tried... same stuff... Please i really need help... DxDiag.txt
  10. I just bought my TrackIR 5 & my new joystick Saitek Cyborg X, plugged them in, installed them, and after some time when i play games - simulators (IL-2 1946, Lock on FC 1.12b, DCS: BS) with both activated after some time blue screen of death appears and my pc reboots... Any ideas ? I suppose there must be some conflict between them. I tried to change my USB, unistall and then reinstaill my drivers but the problem exists... I even formated my pc... (tried both versions for TrackIR 5, 5.04 beta & 4 final). Below are my pc specs: Processor: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) Memory: 2046MB RAM Hard Drive: 1 TB Total Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT Monitor: LG 22'' Sound Card: Realtek HD Audio Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 Motherboard: GIAGABYTE P35T-DS3P PLEASE I DESPERATELY NEED HELP !!!:helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie:
  11. I would prefer millennium falcon!:pilotfly: Its faster....:doh:
  12. Any Mirage would be NICE !!! Especially 2000-5
  13. What do you mean "modified" ???
  14. Greece has both A & D... It's very nice helicopter...
  15. Same here dynamic campaign would be awesome!
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