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  1. Hi all, Sounds good. All of your information really helps out. I have a clear idea of what I want to do now. Can't wait to get started! lockon2015
  2. Hi all, Its been a few years since I last visited this site but I am ready to start using the DCS services again. Are the specs on my computer good to run DCS programs? I think I'm good on the Processor Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50 GHz 3.50 GHz. Installed Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB. 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor. If I need 32 GB RAM, do I need a whole new computer or is there a card of some kind I can buy to upgrade my computer? Where it says "Free Hard Disk Space" 120 GB on Solid State Drive (SSD); does this mean free space on my computer or do I need a separate hard drive for this? The Display Card is "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970" but I'm fine with low graphics if I can run the missions without any problems. Will this work? If I go to a smaller monitor (M322i-B1 Vizeo Monitor) with Resolution 1920x1080 rather than the bigger LG I think I will start with what I have in this computer first and see if it works okay. At what point will I need to go to the higher graphics card or the 32 GB RAM? Also, what is the recommended Internet Speed I should have?
  3. Hello, Just for playing basic DCS Flaming Cliffs 3, what do people recommend as a basic Gaming Headset? What do you use and like best? I already have the optical tracker, but I don't think that counts as a headset. I could not find any quick post about this when I did a general search through the basic forums. I would count as a beginner.
  4. Just want to confirm something, The R-27ER radar guided missile. I read and tested that you have to keep the target locked on with your plane the whole time this missile tracks to its target. But this gives a contradiction if there is more than one enemy fighter in the region: If I have to keep my plane locked on fighter number 1 while my missile tracks towards my target, its no problem for other enemy fighters to maneuver and knock me out. I can't re-maneuver until my missile hits which turns out to be a devastatingly long time by dogfight standards. On the other hand, if I fire the missile like a hit-run to avoid a second enemy target attacking me, the missile won't track to its target. It'll surely miss. Thus, what good is this missile? It would seem, at least in reality, you'd want all weopons to be fire and forget. Even if you think you are in one-on-one, it seems a good pilot would always be aware there could be other bandits around unknown to him and once he fires any missile at the target, he's got to refocus on something else. Is there a link about when the R27-ER is good to use and not to use? Maybe, as seems to be from other posts, its just simply not worth anything more than a good distraction to scare an enemy up a bit.
  5. Yes, this is what I was looking for. I will go through those links. Thanks for putting them up.
  6. yes, that's the right question. I understand.
  7. Does anyone have any introductory videos or tracks about trimming used within the context of dogfighting? I understand on a basic level what trimming does; if the plane is unstable you can "trim" controls to not have to keep using the joystick to correct for pitch and roll, but how do people use trimming in a dogfight? For example, you got a bandit red hot, you're flying after him, the radar is going and missiles are everywhere, you turn, do you trim here?, then maybe you turn again, trim here? Then pitch down. Trim? I guess that's what I'm confused about. Or, do you set a trim just as the dogfight begins and not worry about it until everything is over? I also couldn't tell too easy if trim remains after I push a trim button once, say for pitch, and if it stays on Trim until I hit LAlt-9, or if the trim goes away after I stop pushing the Trim button. I know it will take practice but what happens for trimming the nose, and then the roll, so you have a combined trim?
  8. Quick Question: In pitch and roll, there were a few other options: "Deadzone","Saturation X", and "Saturation Y". The two saturations were set to 100 for both pitch and roll and the deadzone for each was "0". The joystick I have is a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. Are these typical values used for this joystick for the SU-27? Just starting out. I know I have to adjust them but I don't have the experience quite yet. Just looking for ballpark values.
  9. Ah, okay, I see it. Yes, I just started this mission a few days ago, a bit of read this part of the manual, try that, read something else, try that also. Still got a ways to go before its as automatic as driving a car. The important thing is that I got some new ideas from everyone to try. Its really fun so far! Thanks for giving me those tips; I will try them out immediately. One quick question, in the EOS, he does know I'm there, but if I fly around the mountains won't I have stealth then? I'm in the vicinity, but will he know exactly which mountain I am behind?
  10. One other question I had was the HVA Hunt Mission. I noticed if I fly backwards there's a squad of four friendlies quite a ways back. How do I tell them to join up and fly with me? I tried some of the controls in the "controls" section, but nothing seemed to work. I tried locking on them and sending them the "join" command but that didn't work either. Or is this even possible for this mission? Maybe those friendlies are just for scenery and can't help me at all.
  11. Hi all, I'm having some trouble getting the R-73, R 27 ET to lock on or fire. I can't get the R73 missile to fire at all. I uploaded two tracks from this mission. It takes about a literal minute or two in until we get to where I try to fire missiles at the blue dots. I do understand that when I fire R73 in this mission, I am just on the outskirt of their range, so they may fail, but the R27-ET should be good to go, as 10 km from where I first see targets is well within its 30 km range. The radar R-27 EP doesn't seem to lock on or fire much either, even holding buttons down more than a few seconds. Its okay if it turns out that maybe I have to fly high and fast to launch these, or that the enemy has chaff, or some other reason. Perhaps in sneaking around the mountains and trying to surprise the enemy, the ground heat and/or weather interferes with these missiles ability to lock and hit. If this is how it is supposed to be from all simulated factors, I'm fine with that, I'll just keep working at it. I'm just making sure I'm not doing something obviously wrong with how I attempt to fire missiles. When the blue dots appear in both tracks, I am actually punching the lock button and trying to fire missiles. I haven't gone suicidal; the track can't record my pressing of joystick buttons or holding them down. As far as the rest of my flying, yes, I know, still trying lots of things out. Just focusing on launching and firing missiles for now. R27ETnotLockV2.trk R27ETnotLockradarEither.trk
  12. It looks like I have DCS_World_1.2.16.43180.9-9.exe Is this the latest version? I think I ran the DC updater to get to 1.5.2. I may not have though. If this isn't the latest version, how do I get to it? I still have all my original passwords, login, product keys, etc.
  13. Hi all, As you know from my previous post, I am going to buy all the computer parts I need for DCS. Previously, in December, I tried to to uninstall DCS 1.5.2 and replace it with an older version that would run on my archaic computer. I have abandoned that idea and will have a correct PC by tomorrow. Nevetheless, in my attempts to uninstall the latest DCS and reinstall an older versions, I am not sure I have the most up to date version. How do I find out which version of DCS I have?
  14. So,I looked up the monitors: a 40 inch, 4k monitor is ~ 500-600 US dollars. A 55 inch ~ 1000 US dollars. I could probably do the 40 inch in say 6-10 months but I wouldn't be able to get to a 55 inch for a lot later. However, both of these are 4K monitors and would need the GTX 980, according to vendors. But, the forum seems emphatic that I shouldn't need the GTX 980, which is about 170 US dollars more than the GTX 970, for the same DCS experience. So that's my dilema. Of course, such posts go back a couple of years when there probably was a much greater price difference between the two cards and the 4K's were much more out of reach than they are now. Here are the options as I see them: 1) Get the GTX 980 now in anticipation of a larger 4K monitor later. 2) Use GTX 970 for now and go to 4K monitor later (32-40 inch). I don't know if this will cause noticeable problems later. 3) Forget the 4K for awhile, at least until a better video card than 980 comes out. Just get GTX 970 and use 27 inch to 32 inch for now and don't worry about 4K until way down the road. 4) What about GTX 970 on 32-40 inch but not at 4K? Is this possible? In fact, I realize I hadn't asked this yet. A 40 inch 1080 with GTX 970 might be a good solution, barring any bad experiences people have I don't know of yet. Also, I would buy the larger monitor later to dedicate it to gaming and not TV. Would this make a difference in what to look for? Again, I'm just going to be flying missions that come with DCS and maybe a few of my own and won't be going against anyone on the internet until I got really good, but will be awhile. I'll probably use pure dogfighting with the SU-27, F-15/16 series, and Mig series modules. I don't plan on any bombing, no WWII, no helicopter, no takeoff or landing. I should've mentioned such earlier but just thought of it now.
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