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  1. I have now been able to install, however, DCS World is not runnig correctly: These are my current issues: - on a lot of objects, textures are missing - after a couple of minutes in a mission, the system will crash and go back to windows This is what I did to get it to at least be able to launch the system but with the above problems: - copied all files from the "_download" folder into the main folder - ran DCS repair - but repair broke off with the following error message during unpacking of files: "P:\dcs\DCS World\_downloads\bin/torrent_test.exe: (5) Zugriff verweigert" [i.e. access denied]. Also such a file "torrent_test.exe" does not exist in the folder. I'd highly appreciate any help.
  2. I've got McAfee running, hasn't caused any issues in the past, though. It also didn't say it took any action.
  3. Dear all, I have trouble downloading and installing DCS World 1.5. Running the Updater, downloads an update and after completing the download and green bar, it seems to start again from nothing - although the file sizes change. This process repeats again and again. How much should the total download size be? I have had multiple downloads >20GB according to the Updater. This is not the first time I install DCS 1.5. I thought the last time it only took one download to work or does my memory betray me? May the problem be connected to free disk spave? I have less than 60GB free. Thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks a lot. I got the F15E to work and will now look at what I did wrong when I triewd before.
  5. I have tryed making AI planes flyable but have not been successful so far. I've been able to get them to be marked as flyable in the Mission editor, but as soon as the mission loads, the game crashes. I've followed the instructions from this thread: http://www.virtual-aerobatics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=64 Also, I've tried installing various ready-made flyable mods but with the same results. Is there any detailed (i.e. like the one linked above) tutorial which still works? Or could someone point me to an existing mod for an additional flyable aircraft which is easy to install and works so I can see it there? Thanks for any help.
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