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  1. Um... SU-34? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhoi_Su-34 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhoi_Su-34#/media/File:Sukhoi_Su-34_(Simulator),_Russia_-_Air_Force_AN2242851.jpg
  2. Is it possible to open/unlock the "Takeoff from ground / Takeoff from ground hot" mission editor option for planes other than the Harrier? It would be great to see it available for at least the Viggen and A-10. How about it!?
  3. Yep, it's the bridge at the Waypoint. I'll try the F10 menu. Should there be a radio call or "mission accomplish" text when I drop the bridge?
  4. Anyone else having trouble getting past Mission 2 ("Scouting"). About 5 times now I've flown it, dropped JDAMS and/or Mavs to destroy the bridge, and get a radio call reporting that the enemy column has moved off the road and halted, but then after landing safely I exit but am still stuck at this mission. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't cross the river so I'm not sure what the problem is? Any ideas?
  5. Reducing the fuel to below 10% seems to do it. For whatever reason they are reluctant to land unless damaged or out of gas.
  6. Has anyone toyed with using a trigger to simulate Electronic Warfare ground based GPS jammers? I guess the trigger could go over the point where the device would be, and upon entering the zone it would trigger a failure, but is there a failure option for navigation and gps? The intention would be to cause the JDAM to fall like a dumb bomb or better yet veer off of target, and would foul up the plane's navigation as well?
  7. At first they were 1km apart, but then I spread them out 10k apart with no change. I also changed the lead into a C-130, but also but they still go into an orbit outside the airfield. The only way they will turn to land is if they are damaged (one lost an engine and landed). Maybe a bug?
  8. Has anyone else had trouble getting AI C-17s to land at Kobuleti (using 1.5)? In the editor I set up 4 of them to arrive in line and land, but instead they go into flying an endless circular pattern outside the airfield.
  9. How about a window to view a model of the plane during weapon and skin selection?
  10. How about upgrading the mission briefing window to modern resolution size? The 512 x 512 window is just too small. I'd recommend an option to re-size it twice that big (or maybe have the software resize it based on game resolution), and instead of a square for pictures, make it a rectangle window to match wider screens and make it easy to port in graphics from powerpoint or other apps. Icing on the cake would be the ability to play an audio file during the mission brief.
  11. When creating a picture (map and overlay graphics) for a mission, what size and file format is best? I've been making the map and graphics in powerpoint and saving as a png file but in-game the text and images are chunky and very low quality. I'm guessing I have to adjust the pixel size to a specific number? Thanks,
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