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  1. I can't sadly answer your question directly but I can say this...... I have my old system with a year old Artic Freezer II 360 in it, sat atop a 9700k running 5ghz no sweat, idles in the 20s and peaking in the 70s I also have a 10900k running a Lian Li 360 - that gets into the 80s touching the 90s under load at 5ghz......its just a barsteward to keep cool compared to the 9700k or the 10 is just a lot more needy. Based on my experience of the AF2 I would buy another, not sure I would say the same about the Lian Li 360 cooler tho........looks pretty but that's about it.
  2. Spent most of its life underclocked as nothing really pushes it when coupled with the rest of my system spec, available for sale now due to finally picking up a replacement for my new build. Boxed - UK (Lincolnshire). Cash on collection or signed for postage. Paypal goods n services will be 2.0% more to cover the fee's, or you can collect in person. £475 ono
  3. Being ex-AAC the Apache has a special place in my heart, just had a super quick first test flight and it feels awesome, and challenging in equal measures, everything feels pretty much as I expected it would, and the best chopper I have flown in DCS so far. Can't wait for this one to flesh out, great job so far.
  4. 2022 incoming and still searching for a replacement, Brunner is way off the cards because of the overheating issues I have read about, and no out the box support, not paying that kind of money for a stick with those issues, else it would be an insta buy probably.
  5. As an owner of both this and the TrackIR I have to say the Tobii just doesn't work as well for flight sims as the TrackIR, mostly because the TrackIR just handles the extreme head positons much better. For Euro Truck Sim or similar the Tobii is awesome, but then it rarely has to endure the same head movements as DCS. Just my 2c worth anyway.
  6. Wallet is ready here when a viable solution appears :)
  7. The only thing the Brunner has is that it "exists", I've heard it can overheat at full duty cycle, the drivers are not DirectX compatible / plug and play either, its hardly a realistic option to replace my modded MSFFB2 ......which is what I want to replace ASAP, buying a Brunner will be a sad turn of events I am in the market for a worthy replacement the moment something appears.
  8. Is this something you will ever offer as something we could buy, or should I just go ahead and buy a flawed Brunner instead?
  9. Is this something you will be prepared to sell as a complete device eventually maybe ? Yearning to replace my old MSFFB2 Hybrid with something more proper !
  10. The hope of something here is the only reason I haven't dropped the hammer on the flawed Brunner option Is this the final iteration or you still fiddling with it mate ?
  11. Thanks Pal, the only link I found here listed that works, much appreciated.
  12. First moment one of you guys has a working system available to purchase that is a worthy replacement for my MSFFB2 consider me onto the purchase list Sod the Brunner, would be much happier to fund guys here.
  13. Out of desperation to replace my modified, but still perfectly working MSFFB2 I have been contemplating the Brunner for a while, I just can't fly without the FFB stick properly. I do find it rather ludicrous than the TM Stick handle can bring a £1000+ device to its knees tho, rather concerning actually !! Maybe I should just rebuild my MSFFB2 into a new package and the resistor mod after all, at least that doesn't have a stamina slider, and I would be using a lightweight handle in any case ?
  14. Lost the wing to Flak quite close to the airfield , not sure how I got it down - pure luck and fluke I suspect.
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