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  1. I mean, performance isn't much different compared to default clouds. As in, I get similar FPS with Mustang's clouds as I do with the default ones. And now (I think) the outlines are much less pronounced too!
  2. I was going to ask the same question! Performance isn't all that much different on my 980ti now.
  3. Looks great Mustang! Still seeing some luminous outlines showing through though. Is that the same for you?
  4. Absolutely! I'd happily pay more than the quoted price for this. His desert and Vietnam textures are epic. I'd pay for all of them. Shame we can't protect them but I couldn't have thought of a more professional way for ED to have handled this so far. Impressed all round.
  5. I'm on Windows 10, fresh install (same issue with Windows 8). No older DX. Maybe it's just my joystick.
  6. I have pretty much the above spec with a 6700k at 4.6, single 980ti, and Nevada is playable. Judders in Vegas but not horrendous. This is near maxed out too. With asynchronous timewarp, it would be perfect.
  7. I definitely prefer the P-51 stall effects over the TF-51!
  8. Hi, Incredible job with Nevada. DCS has just leapt to the top of my best games of all time list! Have to wear a bib when I play to catch all the drool. It's just beautiful. Anyway, that aside, the Force Feedback issue for Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick owners seems to persist. The axis won't assign correctly unless you go through a little procedure first. At the start of each flight, you need to go into settings, tick "invert axis" in Force Feedback Tune, then play, then go back into the settings and do the same again. FFB then works as it should. As soon as you boot up a new flight, you have to do the same thing again. Pretty frustrating and probably wouldn't be a difficult fix. This is tested with the UH-1 and the P-51 so far. It was an issue with 1.5 and isn't an issue on the stable version. Apologies if I left something out, I'm fairly new to this! Cheers.
  9. Anybody else not getting the positional tracker kick in until about 2-5 minutes into the flight?
  10. PM Andre, he will fix you up. Anybody got this working in DCS 2.0 yet? UPDATE: Working perfectly in DCS World 2.0... time to clean up the drool and fly down the strip.
  11. I've heard quite a few stories about ATI driver issues in various forums so just something to be aware of. Think they are mostly sorted now (Brisse, maybe you could confirm?) but it seems cyclic. A GTX 970 would serve you very well if you can afford to stretch to that. Agreed that RAM wouldn't make a huge difference unless you've got less than 8 GB.
  12. To add to the growing list of happy customers, I've just received my GameTrix KW-908 Jetseat from Andre in the UK and I'm really impressed with it and Andre's service. Ordered on the 13th November and arrived yesterday, so it took just shy of 3 weeks including a week's delay as the package was accidentally sent to the wrong address. I didn't have to pay import duties but as I understand it's pot luck on this really. Setting up the Jetseat was very straightforward and the simshaker software works really well. Just install the jetseat drivers, simshaker, plug it in and you're good to go. The Huey is now alive and the P-51 stall effects are brilliant. Haven't had too much seat time yet, but the immersion is definitely worth the money as far as I'm concerned. Andre is a super helpful guy who responded within the hour to most of my messages. Only slight issue is the impact this will have on my social life...
  13. Yes absolutely, meant time warp not rendering! Post updated to show that. Must have been snoozing when I wrote that. Thanks for pointing that out.
  14. One massive issue here is asynchronous time warp -- it doesn't seem to be implemented in DCS at all yet. I know this might not be the best place to suggest new features, but asynchronous rendering is essential if the VR experience is going to work over all areas of the new maps. For anyone who doesn't know, when the in-game FPS is lower than 75, asynchronous time warp keeps the the FPS on the head mounted display at the native 75 by filling in the gaps between game-rendered frames with re-renderings of the previous frame warped to match the head tracking. This completely eliminates judder and in other programs means you can have a game still playable at 30 FPS in VR. FlyInside FSX / P3D is the perfect implementation of this. 75 FPS is almost unheard of with reasonable graphics settings in those simulators as the engine is hideously old, but FlyInside is a program that adds VR support with asynchronous rendering. It's remarkable; programs feel smooth and judder free at 25+ FPS. ED, please add asynchronous time warp so we can have VR and not need to ruin the graphical fidelity of the new engine!
  15. Super keen for this Spit! By far my most anticipated aircraft. Keep up the good work VEAO! Rooting for you!
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