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  1. Cheers mate. I'll try that out and report on how I did. I'm just practising day and night as I just got my tailwheel certification done and a friend of mine has arranged for us to go flying tandem in a real Spit.
  2. Hello everyone, Could someone give me tips on how to do a perfect 2 pointer in a spitfire? I try to kiss the ground at about 100-90 mph in order to keep the tail up and apply rudder adjustments but she starts skidding and sliding vigorously. I can execute perfect 3 pointers but I could do with some tips on performing 2 pointers with the Spitfire.
  3. After 300+ hours on the Mig- 21Bis I am looking forward to fly a subsonic jet aircraft with a full fidelity cockpit. Which module should I go for among the ones that fit the description such as the L-39, C-101, Hawk, Mig-15, A-10C etc? I am also looking forward to buy a rotor-craft module and I will be glad if anyone could help me choose between the Ka-50, Mi-8 or the Huey. I am also willing to wait till mid June if you are aware of any modules that might be released by then. What matters to me most is detailed simulation realism, particularly the effect of aerodynamic forces on the aircraft.
  4. Whenever after a Mig-21Bis flight I hit the "Watch Track" button, the replayed recording usually goes haywire and doesn't reproduce my original flight. There's no lagging or any visible errors but the plane doesn't replicate what I have previously flown. For example, It often just taxies out straight into the grass and crashes into flames after suffering damage when in reality I had a perfect center-line takeoff. I've tried watching tracks of my Su-25T flights and they work just fine. Same goes with the TF-51D. Has anyone else observed this phenomenon? If not, should I file it as a bug?
  5. Hi, I think most of us Mig 21Bis pilots have noticed that when the aircraft is at rest or below ~38 knots a small intake door opens up on each side of the fuselage at the leading edge of the wing root directly beneath the cockpit. It is visually clear that it provides additional airflow to the engine at low speeds but I am unsure as to why the nose intake isn't sufficient for this purpose. (Going on a hunch here) Is it because the largely dominant nosecone causes turbulent airflow through boundary layer interactions & prevents sufficient air from entering the engine at such low speeds? Best,
  6. Hello everyone, Its really great to see fellow DCS pilots from India :) I'm all up for joining an Indian DCS Squadron and taking to the skies.
  7. Wow! That is really impressive :) I guess you must have flamed out by then?
  8. Thanks everyone....that makes it a lot more clear now :)
  9. Whenever I eject from the MiG-21Bis the cockpit canopy that is jettisoned is viewed multiple times. Additionally, the parachute of the pilot when looked from above looks fine but is invisible when seen from below with only the chute cords visible. Any fixes for these?
  10. I currently have a Logitech extreme 3d pro that I purchased almost 6-7 years ago and have used it ever since on various platforms. DCS, however, is a very different beast and I simply cannot cope with one hat switch on the joystick to operate the SU-25T or the A-10C. I would ideally pick the Thrustmaster Warthog but I'm on a low budget here... Will be glad if anyone can suggest me a better flight stick or a separate throttle controller that would make my flying a little bit less tedious.
  11. Thanks...that makes a lot more sense now :)
  12. I'm sure many of you have noticed that as the P-51 approaches its stall speed it rolls over rapidly (snap roll). Going on a hunch here....does the engine torque cause this effect as rudder authority is limited due to low airspeed? :huh:
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