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  1. Xeon

    VR Optimizing

    Hi all, I have been running DCS in VR now and I have just got round to properly optimizing it. My current issue is whilst flying low I keep getting frame drops from 40 fps to 20 and below. This does not occur high up however. My rig is a Ryzen 5 2600X, 16 GB RAM, RTX 2070 Super and Rift S HMD. I was running at a PD of 1.7 but I have changed it to 1.5 now which was not a massive help and it made the game look significantly worst. My current settings are the same start point as in the VR4DCS Rift S setup guide. So finally my question is what main settings should I look into to get constant 40 FPS and is there anything else I should look into. Many thanks!
  2. Yeah I was thinkg it may not be in the F-14 but I can do it in the F/A-18. I just thought it may be a bug as when for example I return to the base and do me normal rearming getting more Aim-54s or whatever and also add the tanks. The tanks are place on the aircarft but empty but I am sure of selecting the full ones. So the only way to do get the additonal fuel is to remove the tanks again and do another rearmament and add them.
  3. Hello all, I have noticed when rearming the Tomcat after a flight with the external fuel tanks still on they do not get replaced after a rearming. The only way to get the tanks to hahve the additonal fuel is by fully removing them from the aircraft and then do a seperate rearm to add the tanks back on, even then this does not always work. So to reiterate after a flight in the tomcat when rearming the tanks fuel does not. I have only tried this on multiplayer not singleplayer. Many thanks, Xeon
  4. Hello all, I am relativley new to this amazing module. Annoyingly I keep habing one issue which im sure is user error but I cant seem to work out what I have done wrong. When select thae AIM 9 it only shows the boresight mode symbology in the HUD. My steps are: SW COOL Master Arm on A/A Hud AIM 9 weapons select I have watched jabbers video on the AIM 9 but cant seem to get it of boresight. Also I have NORM selected on the ACM panel not BRSGHT. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks!
  5. Just an update I have gone for the 2070 and the Oculus Rift S. Is there anything else I need to buy or am I all good for now?
  6. nice thanks! What is the main diffrenace between the GTX 2070 and 5700xt in terms of peformance. The 5700xt looks to better as it is cheaper but I dont want to lose much peformance
  7. Hi thanks for your helpful response. I think ill go for the rift s it is considerably cheaper than I thought which is nice. I was wondering if the AMD RX5700 xt would be a good alternative to the 2070 as it is about £100 cheaper which is a nice saving.
  8. Thanks for the reccomendation. looks great what would be any cheaper alternatives to compare?
  9. Good evening all, I am looking at advancing my current setup to run VR and also buy a headset to do so. Im currently looking at upgrading the GPU as it needs it anyway and I would like one that can run VR in DCS. My current specs are: MSI B450 Gaming Plus Motherboard AMD Ryzen 2600X @ 3.60 GHZ 16GB RAM GTX 960 4GB (needs uprgading for sure). In terms of money I havent got an excat figure in mind and im open to suggestions. TLDR: Need reccomendations for a VR headser and new GPU. Many thanks!
  10. Hi. yes I have tried it many times both in single and multiplayer always the same issue. Strangley I'm not had the same issue with the JSOW so im a bit baffled. I will try a repair on dcs thanks.
  11. Okay thanks for taking a look. Is there anything look into to stop this happening? or any more info I can provide.
  12. Track Hope this is useful. This was done in singleplayer. 4 GBU-31s Left dropped and right did not. IssueJDAM.trk
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